Hi, Im new and all, and in need of some advice

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by pistonbroke, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I've just joined the TA (yes, STAB, I know) and the administration monkeys at my local barracks have just dropped a bit of a bombshell on me. Apparently, I've signed up for training weekends including this weekend- something I clearly remember not doing as the only weekend I have signed up for is a TAFS weekend either on 9th Feb or 16th March. However, the stick hanging over me is that if I don't do this weekend, then I won't get to do my training for six months if I don't attend, despite the fact it's my own choice, which is to quite frankly to tell them to sort out their paperwork. However, any input would be welcome.


    pistonbroke (abject newbie)
  2. Shut up and put up!

    No offense intended but I would grab whatever training they can throw at you as soon as you can.

    If you get it done now, think about what specialist courses you could go on: Sniping, Medic, Radio Operator, Assault Pioneer etc., not to mention BASIC training.

    The sooner you get this done, the sooner you get rank, more money, your bounty payments etc.

    Stop whinging!
  3. That's not the point- they've told me one thing and done another. Giving up my time I can handle, admin cockups, I won't put up with.
  4. My bold

    Welcome to the green machine, get used to it buddy!!

    If its any consolation the Regs are not much better?
  5. Just crack on with it,you know the saying "TAKE THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH" :spiderman: :spiderman: :spiderman: :spiderman: :spiderman: :spiderman:

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  6. We'll see what happens, I'll be speaking to them tomorrow to find out what in the flying zarquon they're playing at.
  7. Fair point, but you will soon learn about admin cock-ups. This is a form of civil service after all.

    Have a squizz through the threads on this forum for 'Admin cock-ups' and you will get the picture. Unfortunately, this is not a commercial enterprise, so efficiency and customer service is irrelevent. You can't exactly take your business elsewhere.

    I'd still grab the training the minute it is offered. Training and specialist courses are some of the highlights of being in the forces. Imagine doing the assault pioneers course and learning about explosives, blowing up trees, vehicles, bridges etc., or Sniping with the fun of shooting up to and over 1,000 metres!

    The sooner you get the basics done, the sooner you get the good stuff, honestly.

    Edited 'cos I'm a complete tard and illiterate)
  8. Fair point I guess... but I told them I'd made prior plans, the absolute muppets. If I can put it off a week, I'll be happy. Otherwise... well, you get the idea. Thank God it's the TA as opposed to the Regs, I would be stuck otherwise.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No problem, I am sure that they will rewrite the programme, and cancel and then rebook the accommodation, transport, food, instructors etc just so that your social life is not upset.

    You are either the biggest wind up going or a clueless self centred idiot. If you want to be in the TA, learn to be flexible. If you are not willing to be flexible, leave.
  10. Look matey, if your after sympathy here or in the green machine look it up in the dictionary, somewhere between S8it and Syphillis!!!!!
  11. Never said I was after sympathy, more some helpful advice as opposed to needless flaming.

    To reiterate my point: I had already clearly told them what I could and couldn't do, and they go ahead and stomp over everything anyways. Not only is this rude, it's fecking stupid. As for being flexible- I am generally, just not when it comes to family matters.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You told them what you could and couldn't do. Thy have now told you when you can train - now or in 6 months time. The choice is yours to make. Strangly enough, they do not plan training around your family life. They plan training and then you decide whether you want to go or not.

    Do you honestly expect them to plan training based around the wants of one recruit?
  13. No, but they said they'd take note- which they clearly haven't done. The thing is though, is that the information I was provided with clearly clashes with what I have known for the last three months. Something has clearly gone wrong somewhere, and I was after advice about how to rectify it rather than simply saying "put up and shut up" as John Major once politically committed suicide with.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You cannot rectify it. The training calendar has changed. It happens from time to time - loss of training areas, other things taking priority for the originally planned dates etc.

    You just need to chose, and it will involve sacrifice. Sacrifice your familiy commitment to attend training now, or sacrifice starting training now to keep your prior appointment.

    If you intend to stay in the TA, get used to the idea of flexibility and above all sacrifice - it is central to life in the TA!
  15. PistonBroke- You are a C0CK, the Army (TA) are probably better off without you if thats the kind of attitude you have!!

    " I can't go to war today Sir I promised my Mum I would cook her Sunday lunch!"

    Get over it you knob either do it or feck off!!