Hi i have some questions that i couldnt find on armyjobs

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Skyforger, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. 1 I am from EU country living in UK now can i join ?

    2 Which part of army is going to Afganistan and iraq ? and will i have chose to go or not?

    That's it i hope this is write forum to ask for this.
  2. . Number one i think depends on a few things. As for ur second one say you join the infantry for example you wont get a choice. But y would u want to join the ARMY if you really dont want to be deployed? hope that helps a bit. But main one is to contact army recruting office for the answers to ur questions.
  3. What country are you from?
  4. i am from Latvia ! they are going to afganistan aswell but i live in uk now and latvias army is poor
  5. I'm pretty sure it's only countries that are in the commonwealth. You'd have to get British citizenship to join.

    The second question - you go where your sent whether you like it or not - if you don't want to be sent somewhere, or are going to question it on whatever grounds then it isn't the job for you really.
  6. You must hold a British passport to join.
  7. damm i thot so. As far as i know you must live here for 4 years ? to get a Uk passport ? if that so i have still 3 years to get army fit :)
  8. phone your local careers office or go in for a chat. there are lots of rules governing nationality for recruitment, and these change over time due to whats happening in various places in the world.

    its worth getting official confirmation, then spunking away 3 years because some guys who arent even in basic yet told you on here. i know the rules are not black and white having actually worked in a careers office for a bit, so go in, and get the current info, and see what they suggest.
  9. British passport holder or member of the commonwealth only, Im afraid
  10. No thats how it should be.
  11. Leave the politics and grinding axes at the door. Use the correct forum.

  12. agree ! but i was thinking that if you are from EU it's fine and i think it should be like that as long as you can pass the basic tests and you know English language bicouse i am living in uk and i am as good as a uk citizen i can get same things like benefits ...

    Well i will give them a call or try to chat with them and ask

    But i really wanted it and im not sure what i will be doing after 3 years and i will be 25 and that's old for me and who knows maybe there won't be any action no more ...
  13. Im sure there will still be lots of action and 25 is not old ;) you'll be a cut above the rest if you use the time to get fit and have some life experience.
  14. What makes you want to join the British Army?

    Not going to happen but where would you stand if we went to war with Latvia?
  15. Becuase war with Latvia is really on the cards isnt it. :)