Hi, I am new here and just have a question

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stick, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have applied to join the Army, to do mental health nursing, after completion of my degree. However, I know already that I would not be able to attend basic training until 12 months after the laser eye surgery, which I had in May. I was told at the Army Careers Office to go in, in January of next year to complete my application and start the ball rolling, as it can take approximately six months to get to the basic training stage, by which time my 12 months post-laser surgery will have passed. I was happy with this, but browsing through some of the posts on this forum, I have noticed some people have ATR dates for January 2008! I am now wondering whether I should go into the office and complete my application ready for the BARB test a little earlier?

    Just a rough gauge on how long the actual process usually takes from application to basic training, would be very helpful. I assume already that it depends upon the availability of places and dates, to prevent anybody from giving me that as an answer. I notice that you are quite a boisterous, aggressive bunch in your friendly banter. So if you want to hurl a bit of abuse at me, to welcome me here, feel free as I think I would quite enjoy that :D

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Mental health nursing in the army!...... Boy are you going to be busy!!!!
  4. Hi,

    In regards to being busy. I am aware of that, just from looking on this site :wink:

    And as for being abused by men in uniform. Oh yea, of course. Why else would I want to the join the Army?? :eek:

    Somebody broke my rose-coloured spectacles awhile back. Initially the thought of basic soldier training filled me with dread. As time goes on, I get more used to the idea. So I am currently running and doing some weights, I started press ups about 3 weeks ago, never really done them in my life. Sshhh don't tell anybody, but I got the Sgt. in the careers office to show me how to do them. He closed the door and said he hopes nobody walks by :oops: I couldn't do any without sticking my bottom up in the air, now I can do five! Woohoo! Go me! Go me! My runtime, is half of 1.5 miles in 5 minutes, I am working up to the other half, slowly does it as they say. But I have alot of determination, when I set myself a goal, one thing I don't do is quit, no matter how many hurdles there are to pass. And this basic training is one of them.
  5. Are you female some people on here might get a little hot under the collar if aren't. If you are get some photos up in the gallery!!
  6. 5 press ups ;) Not enough man, I can do more and i'm 16, 6 ft. 5, 13 stone and no muscles ;) Don't worry like me, heart murmours are the medical officers favourite diagnosis. I am going to careers office in Jan. and i'm dreading the asthma test although i'm getting fit before hand!
  7. Stick, if you're referring partially to myself; it's only because of the job I'm going to do (RMP) and there only being (I think?) three Phase 2 training groups a year.

    Your Phase One training dates depend largely on when your Phase 2 will start - so for me it'll be 12 months from AFCO to ATR, but a friend who went in with me has already started Catterick (Infantry), and had a turnaround time of just 5 months.

    I'd follow what your AFCO has said, they'll know best. One of the first things you do in the process is the RG8 form (medical form), so if you're outside of your 12 month post-op period you'll just be rejected at the first hurdle anyway.
  8. Hello,

    Well, I am 29, a mum of two, I weigh about 9 1/2 stone I think, and I am 5 foot 3 inches. So as I have said I am a mum, that should answer the question as to my gender. As for actual strength, I can carry a 20kg weighted dumb-bell in one hand up and down my stairs with no problem, just the one mind you (mainly because I don't have enough weights to do two at a time)...the press ups was originally about technique and now a fear of falling on my face. However, one shall overcome that. Oh and I can't do these pull-ups things to save my life! I have been told not to worry, its based on best effort, so I will just grunt alot.

    Oh and Jimima_Shark, having looked in the gallery, I would rather wade through human faeces searching for foreign objects than put a photograph of myself up in there. I just refuse to be attacked for personal appearance by a bunch of blokes who keep their appearance hidden, would hardly be a fair fight, and I do love fairness.
  9. On average most of my applicants took between 4-6 months but had a few who took up to 12-18 months mainly for fitness and confidence. Regarding the CEG(job) your going for there are not many phase 2 (trade) dates a year but the jobs normally kick in again from April (calender year just like tax).
    Hopefully your recruiter gave you the fit to fight brochure it has very good fitness programs in there to work to and you have plenty of time to go until your period of deferrment is over for the eye.
    Its entirely up to you if you start your application process now (could actually be a good idea ina month or so time) because by the time your RG8 Health questionairre gets to the SMO at the ADSC(selection) they will give you a definate deferred date or tell you if there are any other problems.

    Without talking to you face to face (not in recruiting job anymore now anyway) I would probably say work off the fitness progam for the next few months. Sept/Oct start the process and get the RG8 in about Oct/Nov.

    The recruiter will advise you better but just remember everything is in date for only a year so if you do BARB etc too soon you could end up doing it again. Good luck.
  10. Hiya,

    I think it probably was you. That's ok then, I just don't want to be waiting around forever. I get fed up quickly with nothing to do.

    I have been told that the laser treatment won't cause a fail before the 12 months is up, I just won't be allowed into basic training until the 12 mth period is up.
  11. No worries Stick, sorry. I have to wait till April 08 till i'm illegible, should I go careers office in Jan anyway?

    For an Army in need of personnel they make their life hard!
  12. Hi,

    Well, I have been given a poster to do with fitness? I don't recall, getting anything called fit to fight? Basically, I made an enquiry about mental health nursing training, and then left to think about it, then consistently for months I was getting letters and phone calls from the Army Recruiters, asking me further questions, I do have an application done, it is just presently on hold, they don't want me changing my mind and going to the NHS, I have been told that the Army wants people with degrees, so they are waiting for me to finish my degree. As far as I have been informed, I am getting a phone call in September before my final exam (possibly to check I haven't changed my mind), and then they 'expect' to see me in the office in January. Very nice people down there, have had full on discussions regarding my children with the Army recruiters saying 'oh yes, we can accommodate'

    So one will do one's absolute best :)

    Many thanks for the help, when I speak with them in September I will ask about whether I could let the application go through at that time.
  13. Hi,

    I suppose it depends upon what the eligibility in April 2008 is. I was given two choices basically: wait until May of next year and then start, with no interference regarding the laser surgery, or start the process sooner, and what will happen is that for the medical, they would want to be involved in rest of the duration of my 12 mth period, so eye appointment records etc, check that I have not had any complications or infections for example, if they are stable, then it will go through, they have to stay informed, and for my own safety, I just cannot do the basic training until the 12 mths is up.

    Your eligibility is to do with your age isn't it? Perhaps you could ask them and find out?
  14. I was a nutter nurse and a general nurse.....RAMC

    Go for it......GREAT FUN AND VERY "REWARDING".....
  15. For starters everybody has rules and regulations to protect the employer and the employee. Your ineligability at the moment is four years symptom and treatment free from asthma is just like Sticks 12 months from eye surgery eligability to protect you from damage.

    If either of you got in earlier slipping through the net and then had recurrance of the problem you then could be unscroupleous and sue the MOD. That means less money in the defence budget and less money for the equipment we need on the front line. Believe me the odd few do actually do this to gain some extra pennies.
    Making your life hard is extremely unfair as the majority of recruiters will do there hardest to help you and advise you but we have t have minimum standards for entry. If you think this is making your life hard you might think of a career change at McDonalds where you will work nice hours and get a free big Mac a day. If your heart is fully wih it then this minor deferrment will not be a problem and help sort your fitness and MATURITY out better. Obviously Stick especially with your age and kids your maturity isnt in question here :wink:

    Like said on quite a few posts now Trussel forget about worrying about the Spiro work on your fitness, maturity, confidence, ice breaker and see if you can get yourself on a Look at Life or pre selection nearer the time.

    edited to say you can get fitness brochures from either the ACIO or on the web site, a good read and training plan.