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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UKChrisT, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. I've got my selection in 14 days, i'm just after a few bits and bobs to take along with me;

    Do any of you guys know any decent website where I could purchase military related items? I'd rather buy from recommendations.

    Local army shop doesn't really have much in.

  2. http://www.rvops.co.uk
  3. You shouldn't have to take anything special with you; just bring what you've been told.
  4. Your in luck

    There's a govt surplus shop on 77/79 Dereham Road

    Its called Becketts, also on line www.armynnavy.com

    I believe postage is £0 but I could be wrong
  5. Cheers mate.

    Not far from becketts so i'll give them a look now.
  6. For selection you dont really need anything apart froma good pair of running trainers, smart clothes and a good attitude.

    You will be informed what you will need for recruits course in good time. Dont go buying loads of gucci kit as you may not need it and also on basic they insist that you use only issued kit.

    Things i would defo purchase before recruits course is a good bluey (a miniture gas stove) this will save time when making brews. other than that you may not be allowed anything else unless its issued. again you will be informed what you can take with you - that will be the time to ask the questions however dont go overboard as they may see you as a bit of a walt.

    Where are you doing your selection course?
  7. Colonel_Foreskin-Crumb, Cheers for that.

    I've actually been giving a list of what exactly to bring (basic stuff).

    Wash/Shave Kit & Towl.

    I'm doing my selection at Bury St Edmunds.

  8. good luck, do take with you a good steam iron, a 4 way adaptor and a black marker pen.
  9. and a sense of humour, you will need it!
  10. There also used to be a govt surplas shop on Silver Road where the seconad hand shops are (were)
    Bury St Edmonds, is that still artillary ?

    I used to be at the TA centre on Aylshem road,
  11. polar69, yes apparently so.

    Aylsham Road is where I am going. Royal Anglian Regiment, "A" company 3rd battlation.
  12. The Angle Irons ? Are they still going ? Sheesh. Used to parade with the Signals there