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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bettymoo, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. I wonder whether anyone can help.. my ex partner has left the Army and no longer pays maintenance for his two young children... no one of course can track him - he has come out at 40 does his pension start now or is it when he is 60 odd... anyway I know you guys all stick together and that but I thought someone might have a little idea to assist me... xx I have been very :frustrated: and also could give him a right :threaten: but its not for me its for the kids x ps before you kick me off I was brought up the Army way and so I am part of an Army family I feel!!

    PS I think you guys do a great job x
  2. starts at 60 so you will have to wait another twenty years to get your mitts on it.
  3. Blimey that is disgusting it should start earlier I feel for obviously your benefit not mine... oh well that's the little guys football gone for a burton then!! Thanks for your response!
  4. If he did 22 yrs then it started when he left, if not then as CR states and 20 years to wait!
  5. sssssshut up!!!
  6. You little bugger!!!! Yes he did do his 22 years... that is good news .. so he will probably be trackable that way then...x x I shall pop the champagne bottle blimey I can start going out again!!!!!!! :numberone:
  7. Yeah, don't let the money grabbing slapper get her grubby mitts anywhere near the mans cash. We've got to stick together. I'd wager that shares in Burberry would skyrocket if the old man was paying maintenance. :D

  8. unwritten code of the school playground...

    blokes never tell on blokes
  9. Some people just don't take a hint. Did you used to take an apple for teacher Scorptin ? :hump:
  10. Guys this site is ace... I love your responses... what goes on tour stays on tour sort of thing... but sorry the big secret is OUT!!!
  12. Oh yeah and blokes do tell on blokes so trust no-one!!! Thank you Scorptin you have a new friend in me x
  13. What happened to the little guys football is that with the mortgage going up I cant warrant the expense.. so his grand-dad will have to play kick around with him instead!!
  14. Personally I'd rather be stuck in a very small lift with a naked Vanessa Feltz than be friends with you. Money grabbing old witch.

    Seeing as you've started, as a finale, I reckon you'll be posting pictures in the gallery and trying to find a new man in Lonely Hearts.

    Tell me, when you walk, do you leave bits of straw behind, cos I reckon you're a fucking scarecrow.
  15. Glad you are to far south... shows in your mentality x
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