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Hi everyone.
Im Graham and 24 next month and live in essex, i have my barb test on wednesday which im not worried about as it looks pish easy from the booklet u get. Im gonna be going for the infantry and as im from essex my recruiter said i would more then likely be put into the royal anglians, id like to know how long from barb test to selection it takes as im eager as hell to get this show on the road and get stuck in :twisted: . My mum is worried like anything and wonders why the hell i want to join the infantry, she tells me its no game which obvously i know and thinks if i go into the infantry and go to the frontlines that i will either come back as a nutcase killer or dead. does any1 have any advice i can say to her to put her mind at ease?? anyway hope to be serving with some of u guys soon and thanks for the advice.

P.S sorry if this text is a brain killer with no paragraphs :p
"does any1 have any advice i can say to her to put her mind at ease"

How about telling her well equipped and mutually supporting the combat arms of the British Army are? Or how many insurgents are killed per one British soldier?
Maybe you could point out that it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it; If not you then who?
Of course, there's not much you can say to a mum when she thinks you stand a good chance of dying because of what you're doing. What might help more is telling her that no matter what happens you'll do your best to come back, regardless of happens (this might not be totally possible viz ah viz the orders you'll get but it's probably better than not talking to her).

With regards to everything else: You can find the answers with creative use of the "search" function (top of the page list bit).

PS: Not many people really come home as nutcase killers. Though from what I've heard they do come back different.
Tell her this, 'But mum, I probably wont be killed'

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