Hi from the Site Sponsor - 7-62 has grown - crazy

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by BaldricksBullet, May 7, 2006.

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  1. FROM THE NEW SITE SPONSOR 7-62 . com:

    Best look at the site to see what's new... you can now engrave your own designs on-line... and personalise new cufflinks, condom boxes, snog-tags, trenchlighters etc. And of course we're still doing the favorites: ARRSE Zippos and BULLETS!

    Original message: Hi, my brand spanking firm is called 7-62.com also known as Baldricks Bullet. I sell bullets engraved with your name (and location), because if you own the bullet with your name on it... you won't get shot will you?! Well I think it's funny, and I'm hoping you will too. BFPO delivery is free. I'm an ex-British Army Baldrick fan, but found myself last Christmas on a quick flight to Basra wearing Danish combats (long story - Danish wife - bottle of vodka - Las Vegas) and I'm in mid packing-panic because I couldn't find my bullet with my name on it - a lucky charm that was lifted from a Protestant find in Belfast and presented to me. Found it - flashed it around - and lo and behold, so many people wanted one, that I now own the company (Needed a job too, since days with the Danish Forces are limited). Now I'm about to find out if they wanted one badly enough to dig down in their pockets.
    The engraved bullets from 7-62 are genuine NATO or Warsaw Pact, coated or plated (silver or gold) and supplied as keyrings, necklaces, mobile charms or alone in a trendy metal tin. They would make Baldrick proud.

    7-62 are also about to sell a large range of silver necklaces on its danish site sølvhalskæde.dk and these will also become available on the site you know. Sølv means silver. Halskæder means necklaces. And soon we'll be offering Biagi and lovelink charms, I guess mainly for the ladies on rear party. Biagi led are all the rage right now and we'll be offering the range from our shops but primarily from biagibutikken.dk

    Have a look at the site... and if you like, contact this idiot!


    Regards,- Chris
  2. Bloody hell, yet another Brit in Danish uniform!

    How many of us are there?
  3. Out of intrest, should you get shot would you get a full refund ? :)
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  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Your site says pick a flag to enter and I cant find a cros of St George, whatever will I do
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  5. Tartan Terrier - the answer to your question is bleedin obvious - 2 - me and you - let's face it, no other Brit 'd be that daft (kan du have det... )

    Tartan Terror - what is it with all this tartan? too spooky for me. But anyway - Yes, as we say, guaranteed to save your life or your money back - but shot ain't good enough - can't have you just shooting yourself in thee foot - you have to be dead!

    And as for you EXBQMS - totally understand - what you have to do is put your hand on your heart - n' sing:

    "Give me St George in my heart give me England,
    Give me St George in my heart I pray,
    Give me St George in my heart give me England,
    Give me England til my dyin' day"

    Then press the russian flag - coz' that goes over to english as I haven't done the Russian yet.

    - C
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  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Then press the russian flag - coz' that goes over to english as I haven't done the Russian yet

    Ha I like it
  7. OK - just for you: Baldricks bullet quote: Если I имеет пулю с моим именем на ем, то я не получу удар им!

    (hope this works - you have to have cyrillic fonts loaded) - Regards
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  8. Damn you - I like your style. So much - I've just bought one. Well done and loads of success.
  9. Just clicked on to your bullet website link. I particularly liked this bit:

    bullets are not toys, they are not to be sucked. :D :D

  10. Hi Ice man - that's nothing - I bought some US Claymores M18A1 recently and Gods honest truth - they are now embossed with something to the effect of - "Explosive is poisonous, do not eat" on them... And I always thought "Front towards enemy" was bad enough!

    And thanks for your support OldRedCap, glad you like it
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  11. Will RAFP/RLC Movers allow them on a flight, or will they be declared DAC (asking incase I forget to take it off a key bunch)
  12. What a fantastic idea.

    This is one of "them things" that make a brilliant and unique gift for those who are hard to buy for but have served.

    Just ordered one for me - but i know what my dad is getting for his birthday in December, and my Brother in August.

    Will you be likely to get other calibres? such as 5.56/.303/.357/8x57JS?

  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Can I have one in .55 Boys ?
  14. Why? do you want the whole of Queens Regs engraved on it?

  15. 8O But I'm a layyddeee 8O

    Ice :wink: