hi everyone

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sammie, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. hiya everyone.
    i've been to my local office to sign up and have my barb test this week, looking forward to it can anyone tell me what the average score is?

    thanks :D
  2. there is no such thing as an average score as such, its scored on accuracy and speed. People vary between about 30 and 90. What job are you going for??
  3. thanks hoping to go for driver

  4. RLC driver?? There are a few on here, think you need about 45 or so on the test, (not difficult), tell us a bit about yourself anyway.
  5. yeh RLC driver.
    well what you wanting to know lol 23 from manchester :)
  6. Single?
  7. That about does it, im 22 from Bolton! Going back to training next week and can't wait
  8. yes single ha!

    cool, i'm so looking forward to gettin my barb out of the way and on to the next bit :)

    where abouts are you training?
  9. ATR Pirbright, same place that you will eventually come to. It's all good. Don't see training as a big deal because i've passed it once, can't wait to get it out of the way and get trade trained though! The next stage is the interviews, u going through the office on Peter Street?
  10. no i'm going through the oldham office as it was closer to me than peter street
  11. Oh, from "that" side of manchester, lol. How come u fancy going RLC driver? Has army always been something u fancied??
  12. Single!
    I don't care if that's a unisex name.
    Want to touch my 'special place'?
  13. lol theres always one eh :)
  14. Yeah, don't worry, his tag will start beeping soon and he will have to go and sign the naughty register at the police station soon