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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by recruitmcd, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi i am currently in Catterick on the CIC. I have just passed of the square today and got my beret. Im now on my long weekend and am going back on sunday. Basically if any of you guys have got anything you want to ask about the first 6 weeks ill answer. Im joining the 1st batallion the Mercian Regiment.
  2. :D Oh well done you! You should be very proud of yourself. I here that the first 6 weeks are the hardest? Tell me all you can about your 6 weeks lol. What happened on the first day? What did you wear on your first day when you arrived? Suit? Tell me all if you want to. Ill be here reading lol.... :D
  3. Yeh, same as above lol :p ^^
  4. Hi somerset lady, yeah the first 6 weeks are hard especially the first 2 total culture shock but then you start getting used to it. The first week is if im honest shite loads of paperwork,insurance,will,photos, just grin and bear it. Week 2 start getting abit more physicalyou have gymintro which is piss just a 2 mile tab. Also youll have a fitness assessment your situps,pressups max in 2 mins and also your 1.5 mile run. Then in the next few weeks youll do intro ex 1,2 and 3. ! is basicallly learning how to spend the night in the field,setup basher,wash,shave and cook, interex 2 youll get to fire blank rounds learn ghost walk,range cards and some other good stuff. intro ex 3 is what ive just done last week which was tough. 4 mile tab to location,youll do patrolling at night,learning to stalk,sentry duty,got issued 200 blank rounds for this exercise so alot of firing. We got bugged out twice which means out ya bivvi bag all kit packed into ya bergen webbing on,rifle on run to rv point we was woken up with smoke grenades and other things. We took 3to4mins and was told this was far too long so had to crawl on our belt buckles all round the woodline which youll discover how tiring that is lol. Take an ironing board with you the naafi charge 18quid for one robbing bastards. Other than that just enjoy it and dont be jack work with your section and platoon and youll find things much easier. Theres obviously alot more i havent mentioned as that would spoil the fun lol Good luck in Battle PT LOL!!! What you joining again? P.S the cookhouse foods shite.
  5. Hello again... Thanks for all the info. What did you wear on your first day? Did you have to wear the same clothes for the next few days until you got issued your kit? Thanks for all the info. You had to make a will? Really? Talk about make you want to run there & then lol 8O . It does sound like you are enjoying it so far. Anything else you can think off lol? IM a nosey thing sorry :D
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    Nope. The first 20 years are the hardest, after that piece of ...... :D :D
  7. Is it possible to have a w*nk in peace, or do other people in the room complain?
  8. Maybe if you ask nicely they will give you a hand , all about teamwork.
  9. m8 the lads lend each others phones and go in the ablutions for a **** nobody gives a shit, for the other question yeah bring enough civvie clothes to last 4 days thats when u will get your army issue clothing.
  10. Soggy biscuits brown?
  11. has this pillock really not twigged??????