Hi couple of questions?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Triumph_Rat, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi well this is my first post. So its also an introduction. Well my name is Dave. I'm 22 years old. I hate my job and i've done a few different jobs. Used to be in the TA. But had to leave because of commitments. I really enjoyed it. I shoot guns. I'm also a biker.

    I've started the process for joining the armed forces. I'm currently working through the army fitness plan. I'm running 2.5 miles in 19 minutes and 30 seconds. Outside along local roads. Which is a good mix of down hill,up hill, and flat.

    I'm planning on joining the Paratroopers.

    What is the actual run time for 1.5 miles to join the Paratroopers at recruit selection weekend?

    Is it the same as normal forces 10 minutes and 30 seconds for combat? I heard for the Para's that its 9 minutes and 18 seconds?

    Also is there a minimum limit for the press-ups and sit-ups for recruit selection weekend for Para's?

    On my fitness poster it says there no requirements for this atall. When i was in the TA i'm fairly certain that it was 44 press-ups and 50 sit-ups?
  2. I believe it's 9:18 or under for Para's. (Get it bit under for safety)
    Sit ups and Press-ups I think are the same across the board at adult entry, until it gets to P coy.

    Then it gets hardcore - But I'm a bit rough on the info, so it's best to wait for a hard factual post.

    Good luck!
  3. yes the run time is 9 minutes and 18 seconds but really you need to be a little bit quicker

    there in no press ups sit ups etc but you will have to get 8 to 10 heaves for para (i think not 100% on that one)

    anything else you need to know i will be happy to help
  4. The run time for paras is 9:18 However! If you manage to get a static lift force of 116kg+ Then you can do your run time in 9:40 and still pass for Paras.
  5. I went up to ADSC two weeks ago and Mr Bojangles is spot about run times for paras. Nobody did any press ups or sit ups, just pull ups and some static lift stuff. All rather straightforward, nothing too dramatic!!
  6. Hi thanks for the replies guys. I need to find a running track so i can get my exact 1.5 mile run time. Will let you know how i get on. Theres no flat 1.5 mile routes round where i live.

    When the Army do the 1.5 mile test. Is it outside on a running track or a set route outside? I've heard they do it inside on treadmills. I so hope it isn't on a treadmill. I hate them.

    When you say 8-10 heaves are we talking pull-ups?

    Also what is static force lift? Is there an exercise i can do to improve it?

    Is there anything else i can do that isn't on my army fitness poster?
  7. Rat do you really think they would bother sending you to a selection center, if they were just gonna get you to do it on a treadmill. I cant rember what is says on the poster but i allways try to do press ups and tricies dips (spelling?) for upper body strength, sit ups for core and lunges and 1 leg lunges for lower body. But then again i am just a civy (at the moment)
  8. Undulating terrain outside
    Chins ups, full extension on the arms
    Its a 119 kg deadlift. So just do more deads. 119 isn't much.
  9. Yes heaves = pull ups.

    Practice the run, pull ups, press ups and sit ups and your overall fitness should be good enough. If you just run, your upper body strength might let you down.
  10. 9 minutes 18
    heaves= pull ups yes
    its on a set route (is at pirbright anyway)
    static lift is a thing wich you have to pull straight up to test your strength and im not to sure how to improve it but aslong as your strong enough you should pass
  11. They sound interesting.
  12. See if your local AFCO has a running club then they will tell you where they meet!
  13. Thanks for the quick replies. Yeah i've been doing all the strenght exercises you guys have said. Also been doing Dorsal raises. The only one i haven't done is the heaves.

    Which i'm going to add into tonights circuit training.

    By the sounds of it i should be fine. I just wanted to be double check. As i want to be above standards when i go for recruit selection weekend.