Hi Aviators

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by argus_pink200, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    Hope you dont mind, but, I met several of your fellows over the years. And, they were actually great operators!

    If you can find any affinity to my username then pm me with the answer to this question,

    Where was pink 200??? :yawnstretch:
  2. Ok

    Obviously not a quick site!!

    Too busy looking at pics of old tanks and planes, sad b4rstewards
  3. Or nobody knows what in the name of the banana boat you are on about?

  4. You've given 7 minutes for blokes to look through the HLS directory ffs!

    Are you that fat munter most blokes used to pork when at Palace?

  5. Dear, dear

    My old chap I am most certainly a chap and not a chapess!

    So, sorry old bean but, I am not the young lady of whom you make mention!

    I met about 4 AAC types. At least one of you must read these sites.

    Remember "scrub up"? :thumleft:
  6. I never mentioned a female.

    I'll ask again. Are you one of the fat munters that used to get a length?

    Judging by the rest of your posts, you probably got knocked out by those 4 AAC types.
  7. Haha,

    You are obviously this forums comedian :thumleft: !!

    I am not the fat munter no.

    Any fellows???

  8. In a round-a-bout comedic way, I intimated that I am aware of P200's locstat. The fact that I haven't PM'd you must mean I'd rather not bother thanks.
  9. Though not an aviator in the strictest sense, I was AAC. I see your question is replicated in the Inf. and RAC forums.A question for yourself please.what is your point?
  10. Simply looking for old mates.
  11. The point he has proven within a few posts he is that he is a bit of a turd burglar.
  12. Bet you dont!!

    Go on PM me the LOCSTAT if, you know it!

  13. Try here; www.fuckwits.com
  14. Goodness,

    That was uncalled for.

    I had been warned that you were a bit of a kn0b!!

    My God, you proved them all right, well done son!!