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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by apache-ears, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Obviously I'm a newbie but "long time listener" and thought it was about time I joined myself. So I started in here so as not to be INSTANTLY ridiculed...

    Just married late this year and hubby's off to Iraq sooner than I'd like. I have no idea what to expect as he's not been away before and, although we are used to being apart, it's certainly not the same as 6 months away from each other.

    Anyone have any tips?
  2. Brace yourself Apache, the "feeding frenzy" will start any minute now..
  3. Looks like I misjudged people!

    Mrs Bean says:

    1. Keep busy (having 3 children under 8yrs helped)
    2. Talk to the other wives (only they really understand what it feels like - civvy wives don't)
    3. The problems start when they come home!

    You might wish to check out:

  4. I am indeed braced, cheers!

    Have been told rear party isn't as good as here but will definitely check it out.

    I've already been told that time is ticking on and I don't want to leave it too late to have sprogs. I'm 21 and so found this quite entertaining as the person who told me this also wondered why on earth hubby "let me out on my own" (I SWEAR that's a direct quote) to visit family. People make me chuckle.

    May get another pet instead....
  5. Buy a rampant rabbit unless you already own one! TBH there should be no problems with your hubby when he comes home unless he is a bit of a c0ck. (don't mean to offend). You'll see him for 2 weeks of R&R in 3 months time anyway! Keep yourself busy and don't be a hermit. If you truly love each other then a 6 month tour will only make you love each other more.
  6. I'm not that worried about him turning into a wnaker, more worried about him coming home in boxes!!! That's probably ignorance on my part but there you go. I 'spose the first one is the hardest (from my point of view anyway)

    Cheers for your help.
  7. 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blody hell - that's frightening! the people who said that are probably envious of your youth. Best wishes for your husband's tour.
  8. Well to be perfectly honest the chance of him dying is very slim indeed. In fact more squaddies die in road traffic accidents back in the UK then on operations abroad. Iraq isn't too bad anyway. At least he's not going to Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
  9. Aw, aren't you the sweetie! :p

    Crikey, do you work on double-quick time or something?! :)
  10. Like most of the troops here we have all been through what you are about to experience.

    First of all brilliant quote from Fallschirmjager ref (not civvy re) about dying, well done guy.

    You will not be the only one in your Unit who has a partner away so attend the get togethers, if there are none then liase with family Officer (or equivalent) and organise, it will take some of your time which is good as an active mind.......

    Do not forget that there are also allowances for wives to go home.

    If you can not talk to him every day why not set up your own blog?

    More than anything you are now part of a big family called the "Army", we make take the p1ss every now and then but when it comes to the crunch and for knowledge this is the place.
    PS: Set the rabbit to max with duracell so my missus informs me........bitch
  11. Reassuring to know about RTAs - put ym mind at ease a bit anyway.

    As for the kind people who told me my clock is ticking - let's face it, I'm not getting any younger.. Legally I probably COULDN'T get much younger but let's not let that stop us eh?

    Will look up the Family Officer, pretty sure I met him the other night but sadly I'm useless with names... Bit of a bugger when you meet so many people in so many places but never mind.

    As for other wives - we're in a VEEEERY sleepy place at the mo but I'm going to force hubby to take me out to more dos... They tend to be lads only lunchtime pissups which is a bit jack but I'm elbowing my way in there ;)

    As for the rabbit - I have 2 that don't require batteries (just the odd carrot now and again) - will they do or does that particular topic belong in the NAAFI bar?
  12. You have got the banter you are going to be fine...good luck
  13. lol hope so or should I resign now :D
  14. watch out apache, dozy is well known on here as a lesbian predator. newbies are her prey.

    dozy - step away from the new girl :)

    (shes 21 so too old for me lol)

  15. Youre 21 right? I've got undercrackers older than that.

    My advice?

    Don't have any sprogs at all. All they do is clog the world up. Don't get a lardy fat squaddies wife arse. Don't get credit with the NAAFI. Don't shag the neighbours. Buy a big dog and don't put OMO in your window.

    That about covers it.

    And yes, Dozybint is a dyke. She makes Frank Bruno look feminine. All she ever wears is dungarees, footie shirts and green Doc Martins.

    CR, I missed out on your tiny comment at the bottom of your post. ;)