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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Younggun, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Just stumbled across this site by chance tonight and i wish i had found it before.

    I came back from recruit selection in glencorse on friday and i am now waiting to go to chicksands in january.

    I have been looking at the topic at the top of the page , and to be honest im slightly worried as ive been led to believe that the intelligence corps would be an interesting and varied career within the army, this instantly appealled to me.

    Yet when i have read posts from serving soldiers they seem to be slightly negative , remember im new so im sure a lot is sarcasm. I dont want to regret joining the intelligence corps and be bored with it as a career.

    Ive done well so far with the selection process and was told today that i had an excellent report from glencorse and so i want to make the most of the position i am in.

    I know you have all heard this before im only looking for a few interesting and honest replies , sarcasm welcome aswell.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Younggun you have not made a mistake. You will have a good career as much as you put into it. Squaddies by nature like to drip/moan. Crack on, the friends you make will be for life not none of this 10 minute shit in civvie street. Good luck
  3. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I was also interested in oppurtunities after leaving the Intelligence Corps, the careers office seem to have the least amount of information about this job compared to my others.

    Will the skills learned be transferred to civvy street easily? Are they sought after?

    Edit :

    The question i raised about careers after leaving the int corps was just to ensure that i would be able to pursue a good career after the army, i know i have to concentrate on my visit to chicksands first.

    However i know of ex serviceman who find there options limited after leaving the army , a position i do not want to be in.

    Again sorry for asking questions that may have been similar to those already posted.
  4. interesting to see you're thinking about leaving before you even join! :)

    you'll find that the generic skills the corps gives you will help make you employable when you leave. even outside the fun stuff, mundane crap such as writing accurate reports, giving professional presentations, good communication skills etc are taken for granted within, but useful outside.

    plus you get to play with guns and stuff.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It goes without saying that almost all ex-Int Corps personnel spend the rest of their lives living on the streets, keeping their goods and chattels in a couple of old Oddbins carrier bags and drinking such small amounts of Tennants Super as their meagre scavengings afford them...

    But in your case I'm sure you'll be fine: not many people have the foresight to plan for their retirement before they've even started their career.
  6. The only reason i want to make sure theres options after the army is because my dad got out last year as a captain in the infantry , and obviously hes found it hard to transfer the skills gained in the infantry to civvy life.

    I was also interested because with jobs choices in the engineers and signals they explain where and how you can use these skills.
  7. From what I can remember there is a degree equivalent in Intelligence Management or similar if you last a few years. Your career in the Army will be set as much by your mind-set, as it will by advice you are given here.

    The Army has expects a degree of commitment, and with luck, will give you some back in return. You should read ADP 5 first, then see if you are still up for it. If you are already thinking about leaving, why bother to join. One in three marriages fail, so why bother to get married?

    Just read your resposne, The Intelligence Corps Association has a Commitee specifically to help those leaving the Corps find work, you will find some examples here.

    Slightly off topic........

    Spooky there it is again at the top of the page again!!!
  8. I want a career in the army 100%.

    The army is not something im looking at for a couple of years , i want a career from it and to progess as much as i can.

    I just wanted to make sure there were options after the army for an int corps soldier.

    Im fully aware of the implications of army life having been moved every 2 to 3 years to wherever my dads next posting was.
  9. The thing is, if the Int Corps was as crap as some (if not all of us) make out on here then they'd leave! It's a cracking job at times and I really enjoy it. You'd have to offer me a silly amount of money to leave and do a civvy job.

    Of course you're going to have to take the good with the bad as with any job and there will be plenty of bad. Still not leaving though! ;)
  10. Thanks a lot to everyone who posted a reply , it was most appreciated.
  11. Very true CR. I have to say, the generic Corps skills are the most valuable in civi street - not just your writing and presentation, but your Int and Sy skills too.

    I also have to say that the "fun" stuff, despite being seen as a feat to pass and gucci to do while you are in (and make no mistake it can be very interesting work), are the most worthless, financially, at least in my experience.

    All those security section slackers - they're not so dull and boring, believe me. All I can say is I'm pleased I did a lot of that before doing the other.