Hi All, New here & have a few Questions.....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Edam, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone. :D
    I am new to the forum and have a few questions regarding the TA.
    I've recently found out that age limits have been changed on joining the Regular Army & TA.
    As I have just turned 32 I am still eligible to join up.
    Something I tried (Regular Army) at 27 yrs old and was told I would be too old with regards to joining any infantry unit.
    Anyway I am a self-employed Builder & Roofer now and being my own gaffer , I can now find the time to Join the TA.
    I would rather join a unit that doesn't have to do the once a week drills.
    Can anyone give me some advice as to whether there is a unit near West Yorkshire that does NOT require the weeknight drills?
    I would also like to know if my age would restrict me as any kind of Infantry soldier or para?.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.
  2. You could look into joining a specialist unit, try the Army / T.A. website, loads of info there and you can do a search for whats around your area... good luck
  3. Thanks for that Mcgyver. :thumleft:
    Are there any people on this forum with first hand experiences of any of these specialist units , of what the process of entry is and what it is like serving with them ?
    Any ideas on how soon I could get started ?
    Once I apply , how soon is it before getting started ?
    My only problem I have at the moment is I have just sold my house and am in the process of buying another, which should be completed within the next 6 weeks.
    I would like to get moved in first before committing myself.
    I'm just looking for some kind of timescale so I can plan around my move.
    Once I am in the new house it is all systems go.
    Once again thanks in advance for any info.
  4. To be honest (personal experience and some friends) once you send in your application it can take months before you're sorted out for a selection weekend (which is easy,) but if it comes through early just ask to change your date to the month that suits you.

    Just be prepared to phone up alot chasing them to sort you out for your training weekends.

    Aslong as you do whats asked and listen then you'll get on fine and should enjoy it. On the T.A. web site there should be a link for you to fill out and they will send you a dvd and info that'll help.
  5. Although not a specialist unit in the sense that they only require 19 days per year from you, 269 Battery Royal Artillery (Volunteers) at Carlton Barracks, Leeds, could be a good starting point.

    They've just picked up a new STA role, so if you fancy a trip abroad for 6 months, there should be plenty of opportunity.

    Once you have your feet under the desk, there are "ahem" other units in the area you might want to look at if steely-eyed stuff is your bag.

    Best of luck whichever you choose.

  6. Weeknight drills are not really that crucial in terms of getting your days in, you'll still be able to hit 27 a year by doing the an camp and a weekend a month. They can be a good moment to get admin squared away, but a unit with good admin/comms should be able to sort that out anyway.
  7. Thanks for the info.
    I have just filled out the online application which said

    "We have received your application.

    We will contact you by phone, post or email within the next 5 working days to discuss your application and the next steps."

    Forgive my lack of knowledge here Fluffybunny but what is an "STA" role ?
    I want to get my head wet first and see how I cope but to be honest I would like to do some of the "Steely-eyed Stuff".
    I want to do something challenging rather than be a mechanic or a driver.(No disrespect to Driver's or Mechanic's :p).
    What units were you hinting at for the "Steely-eyed" stuff ?
  8. STA is Surveillance and Target Acquisition.

    Gunner stuff can be steely-eyed if you want to make it so. Once you have a better idea of what you like from the TA, you could try the SAS (R).

    They have a sub-unit of some sort in Leeds I think.
  9. Surely you need some form of military experience before trying out for SAS (R) and have a level of fitness akin to a Greyhound crossed with a Racehorse ?
    I am going to have a Look-see if I can find more info on Territorial regs in the area on the net now.
    I guess whenever I am contacted I will be able to get a better idea.
    Thanks for the heads up anyhow.
  10. They do. At Carlton Barracks, no less.

    Or perhaps you knew that...

  11. Try the Specialist RLC based at Grantham, not too far to travel. Very good bunch of truckers.
  12. Yeah Grantham is not too much of a trek and I do have a DVD from them.
    I was wondering if there were any nearer though.
    On another note , I have been wondering about kit.
    Do you get standard issue everything or do you have to buy your own?
    Also is there any recommendations on buying better kit that you are allowed to use rather than standard issue i.e boots , socks and the like.

    I would much rather have better kit if it is possible.
    Money is not really an issue either.

  13. Wait till you have been in for a while before spending money on extra kit.
    The standard issue stuff is perfectly fine for the majority of what you will be doing for the forseeable future.
  14. I agree. Wait until after you've done your recruits course before buying kit. Many units want you to do the initial stages with issue kit only - after all, when your electric stove and stay-warm gloves break in the field (or the desert), the only kit the army can give you is issue stock. We all need to be able to get by on issue kit.

  15. Thanks again for the advice.