Hi all im new to the forum, thinking of joining the TA...

Hi all, Im seriously considering joing the TA. Im just worried im to old/? haha Im 32 an accountant from Liverpool and always wanted to join the army but having 2 kids kinda put a stop to that!! I have registered my info with the army website for the TA but would you say im too old, whats would i be able to do? Are there any TA members that can talk me through it? . Thanks xx
You're not too old. Search the TA forums here and all the info you need can be found. The Army website will also give you a guide to what units are available to you.
Thanks for your response, Ive been thinking about this for a while. Think i need to make an appointment to speak to a recruitment officer. Thanks again
Ive just come back from completing consolidated alpha and bravo training and there was a man there in his 40's who was physically fitter tham most of the 20 year olds

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What are looking to do? Signals? Arty? Transport Regt?
Iv got my selection dates for Lichfield, I'm re-joining, I am fit and 32 years young! Unless your an old, unsociable, miserable 32 year old you'll enjoy the craic. After all your only 32 not 92! Most guys in the TA units are well into their 30's and will have a lot of respect for you. You'll progress much quicker Aswell, sometimes the age will be a massive bonus. Good luck mate

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I'm 30 mate and looking to join TA, I wouldn't say you we're too old at all. My mate the same aye as me just joined the regs and passed basic no problem.


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Did you know there's three types of accountants ?

them that can add up and them that cant ....
All TA are currently looking including ours.. You don't have to do all the physical stuff.. Joint the TA and become a clerk in need be .. If need any info just message me... We in Liverpool

But the initial stage you have to pass physical and medical etc.

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