Hi all from a former crab

Well im a civvy now and a former crab. Served from 1991 to 2004 as an MTD, got med discharged after getting my head kicked in for being in the forces. I spent 5 years on TSW which I have to say were the best of my time in as I got to work with a lot of different people both at home and on dets. Two people who id love to hear from if they are on here are Lee (HQ Kosovo, Pristina 1999/2000 UKNSE, RLC) and Lips (G40, Parachute Regiment, Last had a pint with you in the NAAFI at RAF Stafford with the basketball team).
I now drive artics for a living and still think the SLR was the best :)

Great site which has me in tears of laughter, great banter
Bicster, you will have had a shoeing for being in the RAF not the Armed Forces. I hope this knowledge allows you a little closure over the event.
Welcome Bicster, do not be alarmed at the responses you have gotten .

Click on to the profile of the scrote that pains you, then you will see in the dropdown 'Add to ignore list'

Click yes and that is the end of him as far as you are concerned.

Oh, RAF... you **** !!!
Sorry I havent said thanks for the warm welcome, no excuses for me not logging in to reply. Well I could call you lot a bunch of ******* Pongo cnuts and that if you had tried harder at school you could have gone upstairs to the RAF recruiting office but I wont as this is a Pongo forum :eye:

Is it ok if I start adding comments on other peoples posts as I wouldnt want to just jump in out of no where?
As for me? Rip the piss as much as you like, its all good banter on here and will be taken with a smile on my part :thumright:
Insomnias a bitch eh?

Welcome to ARRSE
Too right it is Pebbles015, have booked a week off so im having a late one with a bottle of Grants (£10 at Morrisons :cheers:) Off to the MotoGP on Sunday with the handbrake, she told me tonight shes lost half a stone, the look I got when I said that all scales arent calibrated

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