Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wyeman, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. If you ask a bully why he/she is a bully the chances are you wont get an answer. That is because it is very difficult to confront the reality.

    The reality is that to the bully, causing pain (mental or physical) makes them feel good. The bully may get a feeling of power or pleasure from the discomfort inflicted. Bullies are not mature and their need to bully overrides everything else.

    In recent postings some of us have been denigrated because we are gay or bisexual, have sex with other men or merely post messages that are pro-gay.

    THE CHALLENGE! -- can any one of you who has posted a homophobic message or used juvenile language like marmite munchers, s*it stabbers etc. actually spell out the reason you post such messages?
    That is, try and explain why you hate gays. Is it a case of needing to bully someone and gays are perceived as a 'soft' target.
    (Answers on a postcard)
  2. Just to get the ball rolling .....

    For a start 'phobic' means fearful, not hateful.

    Nick-names are traditional.

    If chutney-trapping were to be the norm, then human life would soon wilt & die. And while some may bang on about how sads are picked on, most find sodomy and buggery on the part of 'those that do' more than a bit 'distateful'. A long-standing issue this, believe it gets a bit of a write-up in the bible.

    Remember "Have a dump - it's what your arrsehole's for".
  3. Although I don't re-call having a dig at gay people (I might have done, I've got a bad memory), my argument was always one of anti-evolution. Not only can gays not breed (obviously) and therefore advance the human race by mutation, they actually harm the gene pool by introducing diseases such as HIV.

    Of course, the counter argument would be that Gays can still advance the human race by way of medical research, etc. Some wooly liberal types (for the record, I'm not one) would even say that by paying taxes, they are helping with research.

    Remember that if you're called homophobic respond with: "homophobia means fear of gays. I'm not afraid, I just don't like them".
  4. Oh come on Whiffler, whilst I'm no apologist or avid supported of gay rights, that's a pretty crap excuse! You only need to take one look in the Naafi to see that most squaddies (and indeed men in general, including myself) are obsessed with anal sex (albeit with women).
  5. I am not a great fan of of the homosexuals amongst us, however I feel I need to make a comment at this point:


    If sodomy and buggery are sooo 'distasteful' why oh why is it such a great topic of conversation in more than one thread on this site?

    Or is sh*gging a bint up the arrse something else entirely?
  6. I suspect that, for many/most, their obsession remains at a somewhat inactive level. Bugger me if I'm wrong. D'oh !.

    PS - spot the theme on Wyeman's threads .......
  7. You must be a poof who's had a few kickings then?
  8. Homophobia in itself isn’t wrong. I’m an arachnophobia it’s common and no one is on at me to change my view.

    Why should anyone justify his or her private sexual preference to anyone else?

    Are you suggesting the people on here who have voiced their opinion, regardless of their tone of choice of wording, would act in a manner that is anything less than civil if they met a gay man or woman in real life?

    I doubt it, and further I’d ask do you feel it necessary to introduce yourself as ‘Hello I’m Wyeman bi-sexual!’? Other than this or hitting on an individual how would they know?

  9. I couldn't give a monkey's arrse what anyone's sexuality is. Couldn't care any less. Why the heck should or would I care. If I can't stand an idiot then it's because they are feckers, not who or what they sh*g.

    However, wyeman, it has to be said that you are a glutton for punishment (or rather: attention seeking?) by posting this thread. :?
  10. Its human nature to be hostile to "difference". Personally, i cannot fathom why a man would have feelings for another man. Whether the attraction is sexual, or he simply fancies the other bloke - it baffles me. I find it unnatural, because as a hetrosexual i am unable to understand it.

    Therefore i am hostile towards homosexuality. Being in the company of gays unnerves me, i fail to understand your need for us to accept you. Europe can enact as many laws on the subject as they like. They cant change my upbringing, my moral standpoint or religious beliefs.

    Millions died for my rite to have freedom of choice, i chose to find gays unacceptable. Simple really. They also died for your freedom of choice, so be as gay as you like, but please do it somewhere i'm not.

  11. I'd never shag a spider.
  12. Why Oh Why ?

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  13. That'd have to be a bleedin' giant one in the first place. 8O Mummy, I think I'll have nightmares tonight...
  14. Giant spiders? Nah, I don't do fat chix either.
  15. Doesn't bother me whether someone is straight or gay as long as it ain't their main topic of conversation...every...f ucking....5...minutes!

    Homophobes who can't shut up about it and gay people who feel the need to shout it from the roof tops must both have equally shallow and boring lives. Just crack on and shag whatever takes your fancy for f uck's sake.