hhmm an idea but need info on this

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by rob-the-biffa, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. hi

    right well... here goes,
    if i am sent to a barracks(dont know which one as of yet)
    and my girlfreind has just finished school (16) and wanted to join the army with me, is there a limit on the mariage as in civi its 16 with parents consent and her parents have already said yes to when she is 16. so..

    if i got sent to a barracks and she had jus left school and wanted in too is there anything stopping us getting mariage qauters when she is in, and if she dosent get in to the army is there something else for the wives to do?

  2. NfW i guess?
  3. in other words we may have to wait until she's 18 i mean theres only 22months between us just to let you know lol

  4. nfw- erm well id be 18 there is only 22 months between us in age, her mother has already said its ok for us when she is 16. so would it be ok under those cercumstances ?

  5. well jus to add to that we've know each other scince our early teens and been going scince she was 12 and i was 14 she's now 15 n im 17. n still ok but. is it allowed or not.

  6. Of course it's alright. If anyone asks you, when you apply for a quarter, just say that some random punter from an internet rumour site said it was fine.

    In fact, if you play your cards right, you might even get it free if she is under 20 and has 3 kids already.
  7. so then.... no sarcasm please yes or no.
  8. and no we dont want kids! as of yet.
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    8s so PAYD = Pay As You Drop????
  10. Maybe I'm getting old but there is something very honest about that post which deserves an honest answer.

    So you are 17 and your girlfriend/fiance is nearly 16, right? Are you serving yet?

    Anyway, unless there is a ridiculous ruling that I am unaware of stating otherwise then if you are married you are entitled to a quarter regardless of how young you both are.

    Like jarrod said about age and marriage, most people would agree that it is rather young but you didn't come here to be lectured so it's your choice, good luck.

    As for things for your wife to do. You both need to be more determined that she will make it into the Army before wondering about what to do if she is not able to. But yes, plenty to do. Once you both have your driving licences you can enjoy both what's on and off camp.

    Take one step at a time. Finish school, choose a career, train for it, get married, get quarter.

    That's what I would tell my 13 year old son but right now he's just learned how to do the gangsta swagger to rap music so I'll leave it for a year or two before I enlighten him!

    Good luck young chap.
  11. pay as you drop!wtf! look i cant talk to my own parents about this sorta thing cause there no bleeding use. and all im asking is for a yes or no if i can afford which i will be able to!... what im askin is it allowed or not!
  12. So why are you asking on here?

    Have you asked your AFCO? They are better equipped than us "sarcastic" buggers to answer your question.
  13. no i havent asked afco. thanks for the idea though.

  14. She wont get in the army if she's got eyesight bad enough not to notice the minging f ucking teeth you're banging on about in another thread you gopper.