HGV1 Drivers in West country

I work for Backline Logistics as a HGV1 Driver

The company are currently recruiting hard for another 15 drivers.

Supermarket delivery. Mainly nights. Piece of p*** really

You will need digi Tacho and CPC

We all work on a sort of self employed basis so we can claim £10 per day subsistence plus your mileage to work.

So if you live in Plymouth for example and run out from the outbase in Exeter you can claim £10 a day subsistence plus your mileage. Plus clothing etc and cpc courses. get in contact with me if you want more info.

Oh and just to be honest. If you join via me then I get £25 bonus.
Yet no mention of an hourly/shift rate? I would be asking what they pay a PAYE driver for the same job and look at adding 20% to the rate. The reason for this is that the company would normally have to pay Employers NI and also Holiday Pay and additional NI to a PAYE driver. Where do you think that 20% goes if they have S/E drivers on the same rate as PAYE? The normal comeback will be 'but you don't have to pay as much tax'. Just a thought.
The outbase is run by Backline. A recruitment agency
The Backline outbase is sort of separate to the recruitment agency
So as to earn a better rate we all work for a umbrella company. (Springboard most of us. Home | Springboard Umbrella Company Ltd. There are others. Google is your friend)
Bascially backline pay the umbrella gross. The umbrella do all the tax and NI etc then pay us.
There is not a lot of work anywhere in the west country so to take home 275 is not bad some drivers earn up to twice what I do

Pay rates can vary depending on contract as in DHL or B & Q or tesco and hours worked.
I do nights starting between 2359 and 0400. 4 nights a week My take home is around the £275 mark but I pay basic rate tax.
Now of course a driver working as PAYE for tesco. dhl etc is on a better rate than a agency driver but thats the name of the game and this is the west country

Do you want to stay at home or work?
It sounds to me like they just want cheap labour, I did some delivery works a couple of years ago. Paid on a daily rate. Sounded good to start with, then they increase the size of the round, therefore longer working day for the same money. Very quickly realised that i was earning way below the minimum wage. Told them to stick it.
"rounds" as you call it are fixed routes by the contractor. They do sometimes vary slightly as needs must but only occasionally.

This is a bit different to driving a van doing 20 - 50 drops a day. Been there, done that, read the book and seen the film.

You will rarely if ever do more than 5 drops. Most runs are one or 2 drops. A supermarket can take between 4 to 10 artics a day all full.

For instance today I did 2 express stores. 1 in Lyme regis and 1 in Yeovil. Tomorrow I am doing 4 express stores all in Taunton. Yesterday I did one store and the day before I did 2 stores. 2 Stores is the norm tho.

Oh and its a hourly rate with enhancement for weekends ond overtime. I think and dont have a go at me if its wrong but the hourly rate is about £8 per hour. if you add your your subsistance and fuel to that it works out at £9.50 per hour. Like I said contracts are different and some guys are taking home in excess of £500 per week. Depends if you are a old fooker like me just doing 35 - 40 hours or young and keen money grabber working 60 plus hours. Its a hours to suit basics.
£8 an hour for S/E nights??? Do the Agency pay the subsistence and fuel on top of that or is a deduction before tax as administered by the umbrella company? I can guess which. Not having a go but I'm sick and tired of Agencies promoting umbrella companies as a saving for the drivers when it really only benefits the Agency/Client.

A little sum for you (figures may be a little off).

National minimum wage: £6.19 per hour x 40 = £247.60

30 days holiday pay shown as a % of earnings (13%): £32.19

Employers NI on above (13.8 % of all earnings above £136 per week): £19.84

Total: £299.63 (£7.49 per hour)

That's roughly what it costs an employer to have a zombie over the age of 21 push a brush across a floor for 8 hours during the day.

Your Agency is paying a highly skilled, self employed LGV driver to work 8 hours on nights for ten bob per hour more. Oh and pay your own tax, stamp, weekly umbrella company fee (around £30?) and no Holiday Pay when you're off.

Just my tuppence worth.
I appreciate the problems with the more remote areas of the country. Tramping sounds like the answer but buggers up your home life. Have you written a guide to 'laybys of the UK' yet? The situation will improve a lot come September next year. Saw a recent survey that 24% of LGV licence holders (don't know if they were active or not) will not be doing their DCPC. :)
Agencies around this area didn't give us a choice about using the umbrella companies. It was either use them or get no work as none of the clients would accept agency drivers who they'd have to give bonuses to if they stayed over 12 weeks.
Personally I think it's the older drivers who like to be able to say the old "oh yes, I'm a self employed contractor" when in reality they're still just a bog standard agency driver who now gets to pay another firm to put their wages in the bank.
8 quid an hour for nights? Not a chance in hell. Round here you should be looking for at least 10-12 quid an hour for nights, and usually at least 9-9.50 an hour for days.

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Well I hear what you are saying but I and about 50 other guys who work permanently from Backline outbase are happy with what we are doing.
The subsistence and fuel allowance is claimed against tax by the umbrella and paid weekly
most of us tho not all are on a umbrella company
Yes its a low hourly rate. Lower than I was getting in my previous job. but I am taking home more. with hours to suit. I work 4 nights on 3 off and time off when I want really (one of the benifits of being able to say "I am self employed)
Its hours to suit really and oh yes we do get holiday pay, either paid weekly or banked.
And being able to say that I am self employed has got sod all to do with anything, Been there and done that as well.
All this talk about you should be asking £xx a hour is irrelevant really. You will not get £9.50 per hour in the west country.
When you apply for a job thats really the only one around and they say £xx is the rate its either sign or walk.
Im sorry but I dont want to sit at home watching Richard and Judy all day.
Plus I am married with a mortgage and my pension is not enough to live on.
We all know what we should be getting but its what is available is the main point.


Reading all the bickering above brings home the reality that most of these jobs are now done by eastern european drivers with dubious driving qualifications. May be thats why the rates are so low?
We do have a "few" eastern European drivers. Not so many tho. 2 or 3 maybe

The main purpose of this post was to suggest to any ex forces blokes that there is some work about in the west country if you want it.


We do have a "few" eastern European drivers. Not so many tho. 2 or 3 maybe

The main purpose of this post was to suggest to any ex forces blokes that there is some work about in the west country if you want it.
Well done to you Sir for hopefully helping someone get a start.

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