HGV work, anyone know about it?

Hi, am new here, so forgive me if its ben asked before.

I am based in London, and want to drive HGV, ( non artic, only got the next one down ) part time to earn a few quid....anyone got any ideas?

I had a look on Google, but it seem to be only companys wanting to take cash off me.

I can do it 3-4 days per week

thanks in advance
Try and find a local agency that specialises in drivers, that way you can pick and choose when you want to work. However most of them are looking for class 1 artic drivers. If you can do 3-4 days in a row have a look for some tramping work, that way its mostly between distribution depots and you spend most of your time up and down motorways..boring but not as bad as navigating in and out of small towns to local shops. Another alternative is to look for car recovery companies, there are normally vacancies around the London area and you`re not restricted to normal hgv hours or have to use tachos. These companies tend to be quite flexible as they have a high turnover of staff as the pay isn`t as high as hgv work. 8O
Since the influx of Eastern Europeans (bloody foreigners) you might find a lack of driving jobs. Lots of these immigrants drive at a reduced pay rate and are putting our own drivers out of work.

Good luck anyway.
There are a lot of agencies that take C licence holders, if you have your HIAB ticket even more so, wages are lower than class 1, up here in the Midlands typically £8.00 - £8.50 PH .
You may need to apply for your tacho card as all new trucks since May 1 this year have new digital tachos fitted.
Any agency you sign with will give you a tacho test and a test on drivers hours legislation so make sure you refresh yourself on these before you go.
Expect the shitty end of the stick , very little notice of work sometimes less than an hour, and runs to areas you dont know, sounds obvious but stand your ground with whoever you are driving for,most of the good ones will give you a map or a satnav , but not always.
Sign on with two or three agencies increase your chances of continuity of work.
Lastly have fun , it can be good when you get into it.

Edited coz I can`t spill!!
The_Kurgen said:
the good ones will give you a map or a satnav , but not always.
Yeah satnav's. Best to buy your own and an expensive one. The cheaper models don't show bridge height and weight restrictions. Always best to buy a truckers atlas for backup, these show bridge height and weight restrictions.
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