HGV intensive training recommendations

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by thegimp, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Can anybody point me in the direction of a half decent 5 day HGV course

    I've just weighed my new toy and it comes in a 10.1 tons so need a rigid HGV licence ASAP

    Home counties preferable

    Ex forces run would be good

    Cheers big ears

    The Gimp

    NB have used the search engine and googled but nothing has hit the spot, seem to be a lot of scam type sites
  2. what is your new big toy? depending on what it is and the use you could easily be forking out for no reason.
    Just because its 10.1 ton doesnt mean its an LGV

    PM me if you want
  3. Wessex transport training, used to be good. Ish. Failing that, i could make myself free, if it was worth it.
  4. There are many categories of vehicle over 7.5 which may not require a LGV license. I have had a HGV/LGV (Class 1) license for over 30 yrs (passed and driven in Civ Div before illusrious Army career- and even remember Log Books before tachos). I can't imagine your toy requiring either. If it does, then a bit of forethought before you bought might have been prudent. Anyway PM me details and I might be able to help.
  5. Plus,

    If it is a rigid (previously known as Class 2/3) license then it's just like driving a big car with a bigger arrse and a bit of mirrors. If you expect to get through an 'artic' course in 5 days then best of luck as anybody who promises this is ripping you off. Trust me, this doesn't happen.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You can't do an Artic course straight away now you must do Cat C (the old 2/3) before C + E

    Try these they are nation wide and RHA approved


    What sort of vehcile is it does it fall into these

  7. All goods vehicles are governed licence wise by their GVW (gross vehicle weight) so I`m not sure why you would have to weigh it. You could have a 7.5t which if overloaded would weigh 10 tons. The plate listing the GVW weight should be visible once you open the passenger door and this is what you need to go by. Can you tell us more about your new toy, make model etc.
  8. blurp
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  9. blurp
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  10. Seconded, mad as a cut snake :)
  11. Hi mate,

    Awesome truck there, the ruskies make some scary looking trucks.

    That looks like it's over the 7.5t limit (check on the VIN plate to make sure, you're looking for the GVW or MAM) so will require a "C" class licence to drive it. None of the exemptions apply to motor homes.

    Unfortunately, all private vehicles over 7.5t now have to have a tachograph fitted and used. (the rules came in late 2007)

    Plus, anything registered after 1 Aug 1992 and over 7.5t needs to have a speed limiter fitted to be driven on EU roads.

    What you can do is have it downrated to 7.5t, which would remove all the requirements.

    I service and fit speed limiters and tachographs, so it's my job to know the rules (just about).

    The laws are continuously changing so I would check with VOSA to make sure as the fines if you get it wrong are horrendous (up to £5000).

    Rules on fitting and using a tacho can be found HERE

    If you need any more advice, PM me the specs of the vehicle and I could make some calls.


  12. You are indeed a crazy fecker ! :D
    I`m not sure if you will be able to get your LGV licence in as short a period as 5 days as there is the theory and haz perception test to do. You may want to think about down rating to 7.5t. I believe this is possible for most vehicles under 11.5t, there was a company who specialized in it but I can`t recall their name unfortunately, they used to advertise in the back pages of either Truck or Truck and Driver magazine.

    EDIT: Bloody hell, beaten to it by evo mad
  13. I'm sure the tachograph thing is "unusual"

    Considering whether completey emptying it and stripping it down will get it to an acceptable weight
  14. Don`t think that`ll work old chap as licences go on the GVW or MAM which is the weight stated on the plate. I still think downrating is the way to go if possible, especially if you ever decide to sell it, something like this is a lot more saleable if you don`t need a LGV licence to drive it.
  15. Aha, I found the downrating people, have a word with these chaps they might be able advise about whats best to do. SV Tech