HGV in the Infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Stouty, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. I am going to join the Infantry as my 1st choice my 3ed is RLC Driver if I was to join the Infantry would it be easy to get onto a Driving course in HGV. (what is it class1) thanks
  2. my. my, where do I start answering this one? You need to be a bit more specific here methinks; are you saying that you want to join the infantry but want them to front up a driving licence for HGV (articulated)? Do you want this as you are going to do the minumum hitch then become a truck driver or is this because you want to be a driver in the infantry?

    let us know the details and I will happily give you some realistic answers, which I suspect you don't want but hey; the offer is there...
  3. You could always use your resettlement to gain your HGV. Although really, if your after, after Army prospects (which is what I suspect), you should really consider joining a Corp, such as the Royal Engineers, or REME.
  4. Well I like to be in the Infantry and see some action but if am in the RLC I will just Drive I like to be a soldier 1st and a driver 2ed.
  5. Join the Infantry for 12 years then take HGV as pre-relese course.
  6. What the Army do pre-relese courses that sounds good for when or if I leave
  7. Then your prob. best in the infantry then. Although, life as a sapper wouldn't be so bad - I enjoyed it. Although, they don't cover much on the infantry side of things. But, you still get a feeling of pride on exercise, etc, whilst you perform an Engineer Task for the Tankies, Mechanised Infantry.
  8. ahh, a really shite and "lowbrow" wah...

    I shall take my leave, as being moronic can be infectious!
  9. Perhaps you should take a look at the latest Bus advertising campaign to answer your questions?

    They do state very clearly - "Wanted - Drivers Infantry"
  10. What dont you understand
  11. Hmmm.... this one will unleash hell.
    If you want to see action in the sense of being deployed into operational theatres, then you'd be far better off joining the Really Large Corps who provide assets to each and every theatre and have, I blush to confess, an awful lot of junior blokes and blokesses with chests full of tin. The Loggies will also tell you that they are "soldiers first, tradesmen/women second". If, on the other hand, you elect to be a grunt you will certainly get to fight - sometimes in theatre, other times with the neighbouring regiment with whom your cap badge has had a festering hatred for the past 300 years......
  12. Try the Logostic Corps they took over from the Galloping Grocers, sorry RASC Royal Army Service Corps who were just drivers.
  13. Judging by your other thread, it seems that you want your HGV.

    Its not that hard to get up to C+E if thats what you want, just a matter of following the right path.

    Infantry always need drivers, C+E will come easy because other wise you want be able to pull a trailer.

    Speak to your Plt Sgt and/or MTO