HFH wrist bands banned in uniform???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stevie1967, May 2, 2008.

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  1. just heard off my mate that he's not allowed to wear his help for hero's wristband in his uniform and the regiment he's at have been given the bullshizzle that its in queens regs your not allowed to wear jewlery in uniform

    now normally im a fan of no jewlery in uniform as it looks tacky and gay but a wrist band showing your support for the help for heros campaign???

    anyone else heard of these being banned in uniform?
  2. H + S issues, as well as looking a bit fooking gay it can get caught in machinary. Does your "mate" also have hi-lights in his fluffy "look at me I'm a bit of a homo" haircut ?

  3. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I would have thought that if you slide it up your arm it would be fairly out of the way..
  4. the fact your a serving member of HMF in uniform shows you are a supporter anyway?
  5. Most people in my sqn wear the wristbands. If going on parade you just move them up arm slightly so they are covered by sleeve.
    Then move them back down after parade. No one seems to have problem with this.
  6. Banned in our place and reiterated by the Badge recently. Rightly so in my opinion.
  7. Already done to death on ARRSE here. Your uniform says all that's needed.
  8. Wear ém with civvies, I am pretty sure you can live without them during work time, so take ém off.

    It´s hard enough to keep the little darlings from wearing tongue studs, etc. Without lads thinking it is exceptable to wear rubber bands around their wrists, no matter what the cause.

    Most people only wear them to show other people they have donated anyway.
  9. Very clearly the voice of someone who's not been on kinetic ops and had troops under their command killed or injured. If you had, and recognised the help these guys need, you'd know that Help for Heroes is, among many others, an absolutely outstanding charity.

    I wear the wristband because it provokes discussion among friends and people I meet outside the military environment. Anything which raises the profile and helps injured soldiers is good in my book. Incidentally I've recently spoken to a number of 1* officers who have worn the HFH wristband, and I know several RSMs who have no problem with it being worn.

    Why ignore your injured muckers and not raise the profile of a charity which is working its nuts off to help them? Its all about the moral component, and looking after our own. Maybe others don't think it worthwhile, but its a sad day when we stop looking out for each other.

    Rant over.
  10. I had the same problem with my afro wig, it's just not fair, why must we all look the same? How could my mummy tell me from a distance if I looked like everyone else?

  11. Yes. But he also wears his combats like a grenade has just gone off in the washing machine. Do you suggest all the chaps follow suit too?

    Wearing them looks gash and chavvy. As choccy frog says, some only wear them to show they've paid into it. Wearing uniform would suggest you support it by default.
  12. Wristbands shouldnt be worn in uniform, whatever they represent.
  13. Hear, Fcuking, Hear!