HFH Cycle Ride

A friend is raising money for HFH on the "2010 British Cycle Tour" - details from him below.

Hopefully a few generous ARRSErs will sponsor him ...

I have volunteered (been pushed!) to do a bike ride in aid of help for hero's on 13 July 2010. The distance is 120 miles, and you can see the route i am doing at http://www.hivh-events.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64&Itemid=76 in a classic understatement, its a bit of an epic!
I have yet to start training, so if anybody would like to join me or offer advice (sensible advice please!) on how best to tackle this then it would be more that welcome!
You can sponsor me if you wish at www.bmycharity.com/120milesforheroes if you do a penny a mile that will cost you £1.20, but every little helps!!!
If you are doing nothing on Tuesday 13 July, or are in the area of the route, then feel free to come and support (laugh your tits off at me hanging out of my hoop!) whilst I go past.


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How did your friend get on?

Ask him to give us a short dit on how it all went - I saw zero coverage in the Press !

Don Cabra

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