HFH @ Bluewater Shopping Centre on Saturday.

Walked into said shopping mall yesterday to be confronted by what I assume was a ACF attatchment collecting money for the Help for Heros charity. Good on them, dropped a couple of quid in the bucket and carried on. As I walked further in I spotted a large stool collecting more money in the form of selling wristbands and I think the CD single. The stool was manned by more cadets, a couple of cadet leaders and a bird in cut down combats (she was a bit ropey but fair play for getting involved, thumbs up).

Any collection drives for any forces charity allways gets my vote but it did get me wondering why I have never seen a Poppy stand in Bluewater. How can you choose to support one charity but not the other (if this is the case). I was chatting with a mate about it today (non military) and he seems to think that any stand that sets up in Bluewater, charity or business, has to pay for the ground they use????

Can anyone shed any light on this. I know Bluewater has a business to run but surely not even they would be heartless enough to charge a charity ground rent for collecting donations.

I know this is a bit mundance but it's one of those things that is bugging me. Cheers


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