Hezzbolla anti tank missiles

Interesting article from the Times

Hezbollah missiles rain down on tanks

I’m wondering what kind of defensive aids the Israelis have fitted to their wagons.

Allegedly Hezzbolla also have Metis M and Kornet.

I can only hope their suppliers don’t try to sell the to AQ or the Taliban :(
I remember from my Soviet tactics that AT-3 sagger was fired in volley because it was so inaccurate.

Janes defense weekly

IMI brandishes Iron Fist for armour protection

The increasing effort being devoted to the development of active protection systems (APS) for armoured vehicles has borne fruit in the Iron Fist system unveiled by Israel Military Industries (IMI) at the Eurosatory 2006 defence equipment exhibition in Paris in June. Iron Fist is the outcome of 20 years of development to meet the requirements of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and has undergone an extensive series of trials, including 150 live tests last year covering different scenarios ranging from defence against attack by rocket-propelled anti-tank grenades to kinetic energy (KE) projectiles
Hezb are well supplied with good AT capabilty.

A large proportion of IDF casualties have come from AT fire whether at armoured vehicles or fired at troops in buildings.

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