Hezbollahs “Super Dollars” ( phony $100 bills )

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jeffers, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Robert Fisk: Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning the loyalty of disaffected Shia

    Published: 24 August 2006

    Hizbollah has trumped both the UN army and the Lebanese government by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars - most of it almost certainly from Iran.

    Hizbollah has already won the war for "hearts and minds". Most householders in the south have received - or are receiving - a minimum initial compensation payment of $12,000 (£6,300), either for new furniture or to cover their family's rent while Hizbollah construction gangs rebuild their homes. The money is being paid in cash - almost all in crisp new $100 bills - to up to 15,000 families across Lebanon whose property was blitzed by the Israelis, a bill of $180m which is going to rise far higher when reconstruction and other compensation is paid.

    In the 20sqkm of Beirut's southern suburbs which have been destroyed or badly damaged in 35 days of Israeli bombing, 500,000 residents - most of them Shia - lost their homes. But money is being poured in. For example, one Shia owning four floors of an apartment block, Hussein Selim, has already received $42,000 in cash for his possessions and lost furniture. And Hizbollah has pledged to rebuild the entire municipal area from its own - or perhaps Iran's - funds.


    Iran is an important centre of the global counterfeiting industry. Several Iranian attempts to flood the world market with high-quality fake US dollar notes were uncovered during the 1990s. These presses were operated in homes and workshops, and specialized in various lines of production, in particular high-quality fake 100-dollar bills.

  2. Who are the "UN army"?
  3. Not sure I believe these Super Dollars are all that good a copy, can anyone send me a few, purely for comparison obviously..............
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