Hezbollah wins PR coup.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Someone, either in Hezbollah or their foreign paymasters has been using the inside of his shemagh-rack:


    Any guesses as to where the dosh is coming from ?
  2. Mother of God, that is brilliant.

    Especially allied to ;

    So appeal to Arab nationalism and pride and show you've got the wherewithal to do it.

    Makes me wonder who actually whacked that gentleman last year.

    Only one place that money is coming from Cuts........
  3. Oooooooooooooh do I win a prize?! :D

    Serious mode; this is an incredibly cheap way for them to gain support and is a worrying development.
  4. The Lebanese don't realise that they will be expected to reciprocate when it's time to rebuild Teheran in a couple of months time.
  5. Only the first part of the charm offensive. Now watch Hizbollah urge total and sincere co-operation with the UN.

    OP. DENY ISRAEL II swings into effect......
  6. Do I detect a note of triumph?
  7. No, you detect a note of "My god, it's brilliant" as the whole shooting match unfolded in front of my eyes.

    The Persians are the Dons , no doubt about it. It's aikido and chess rolled into one.

    Cunning, clever b*stards.
  8. Rather Israel lost PR struggle. Bombings of Beirut and Christian areas were senseless from military point of view. If you bomb multi-storey residential building then you undermine you positions in propaganda war.


    It should be said that usally Russian TV is rather pro-Israel. But in this case Israelis apparently hadn't good arguments to promote their position.
  9. You don't like the Israelis then?
  10. Which could, in time, with a degree of proof be the crux of the entire matter, no?
  11. Good point Biscuits.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Must admit that when I saw it I was gobsmacked, then thought "Bloody good skills !"

    I don't like what they stand for nor their methods, but this was the best move they have ever done, although I'm sure it's all completely altruistic - if they do get an increase in support for their cause it'll be purely coincidental.

    As to the place it came from PTP - well, all the dollars had 'US' printed on them... :wink:

    Anyway NORAID has to find something to do with all the dosh it doesn't send across the water.
  13. Awol, I am in disgusted admiration of the cunning group of unholy bastiges in Tehran. It's not about disliking Israel at all. As I mentioned in my since edited post, it's Aikido.

    I now think this whole thing started with the death of Hariri , hence my question as to who really whacked him.

    The whole premise of the argument or conspiracy theory I'm still formulating , is who really benefitted from his death, and I'm still looking at the timeline and events.

    and as if by magic.......

  14. Israel has appeared weak throughout this debacle. Not only did they fail in their perceived military objectives, but they lost the hearts-and-minds battle too, which is what we're now seeing being exploited by Tehran. Israel managed to maintain the moral high-ground, as seen by the UN's pronouncements, but I'd be interested in hearing some of the behind-closed-doors discussions taking place in the homes of the Israeli power-brokers.
  15. And the funniest bit is... it's our petrol dollars that Iran is using in this, as PTP says, brillinatly timed move.