Hezbollah rearmed, entrenched to a higher standard and ready

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/article1910154.ece
  2. Makes you wonder what UNIFIL have been doing since last summer!
  3. Probably trying hard to avoid upsetting either side... (for understandable reasons) but this news is very worrying.
  4. Makes you wonder how people can swallow this bollox. Where did this story orginate?

    Oh yes


    Why has this come up now?


    Who is Shaul Mofaz?


    Why is it I can't find any references to these modified guided Chinese assault rockets capable of flinging a 500lb warhead, anywhere but sites originiating in Israel , or sites with a strong Israeli bias?

    Why is it there are no (*as far as I can find) references or technical specs for the "fatah 110" rocket available from a reputable source?

    More investigative journalism from "Uzi Mahnaimi Zarit" or "Uzi Mahnaimi" for short.


    I notice I'm not the only one that thinks this journalist writes bollox.

  5. So you think anythink that Israel reports is b*llocks ?
    must be lies you can't find a reference
  6. I'm getting to that stage , yes.

    Why is it virtually impossible to find a neutral source to verify these claims?
  7. I seem to recall the old SA regime did a great deal of research on this, perhaps their Scientists found a safe berth rather than explain their day jobs to Mandela?
  8. I don't think Israel would ever get involved in this kind of research. It really has some very nasty historical overtones.

    I really can't see Israel doing this.
  9. I think your wrong on that PTP Israel is locked into 'survival at all costs' mode and have been since its creation. Like ourselves I am sure that they have research programs ' for defence'.
  10. I take that point A_J , but the concept is monstrous , and ethically in the same arena as various works conducted by Mengele.

    For that reason, I really can't see Israel doing this.
  11. It would have to be bloody clever since Judasim is a religion not an ethnicity. The Jewish nation has a massive range of ethnic groups ranging from arabic, caucasian, negroid (there was a large group of Ethiopian Jews). To my knowledge there are no organisms that ONLY attack one racial group, though it is possible for a group to be at greater risk from some diseases (blacks and sickle-cell anemia is one example IIRC)
  12. I bet you twenty quid its based on the absence of developed tolerance to alcohol.

    Drink or Die!

    kinda catchy
  13. I find that report entirely plausible.

    HA's defenses served them well last year. It would be very strange if they did not rebuild and extend them. They've managed to do that secretly with the IAF watching and there must be massive Iranian funded reconstruction going on in the flattened border villages as cover.

    HA know the IDF will likely be back in greater strength. It's not just about payback for last years defeat. HA missiles are a threat to civil life and the IDF must demonstrate that they can silence them. They'll try to ethnically cleanse the entire Shi'a population back North of the Litani and it will take more than HA's village reservists to stop them.

    HA fighters are very good at what they do but Id put my money on the IDF this time.
  14. Israelis aren't exactly known as hard drinkers.
  15. Like it or not the overwhelming evidence is that Hezbollah are a force to be watched and watched carefully.

    Although they now participate in the Lebanese government they are a constant thorn, and their so called 'Divine Victory' against the Israelis last summer was a hollow victory to most peace loving Lebanese who saw the summer tourist economy wrecked.

    The notion that Israel were planning the summer 2006 attack is debatable, but like most sovereign states they retaliated (unsuccessfully as it transpired) after months of harrasing rocket fire from Hizbollah.

    The UN force in Lebanon which now stands at 13,000 + was sent in to monitor and, if necessary, assist the Lebanese army with maintaining its borders and monitoring the activities (and stop the resupply) of the armed element of Hizbollah. If they are failing to do so effectively the problem will only ferment and more regional conflict can be expected.