Hezbollah looks to take the p*ss

Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, called on Sunday for a massive rally on Friday to mark the group's "victory" over Israel.

In a speech broadcast on Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV station, Nasrallah said that the rally would show the group's "absolute commitment to our right to recover our land and prisoners and defend our nation, its dignity, freedom, sovereignty and real and full independence in the face of occupation".

The rally is to take place in Beirut's southern suburbs on Friday evening.

He said: "I call on all of you to participate in this victory rally."

Nasrallah went into hiding on July 12, at the start of the 34-day war, and has not been seen publicly since. He did not say whether he would take part in the rally.

Friday's event would mark only the second large-scale Hezbollah rally in its stronghold, the capital's southern suburbs, since fighting ended more than a month ago.

There you go Israel, you could have an accident with an LGB right there.
Well a victory parade is well within their rights, they did after all 'win'.
PartTimePongo said:
There you go Israel, you could have an accident with an LGB right there.
Maybe thats the plan, lookalike, mob of kids, jet noise, explosion and some great atrocity videos for TV. If the Israelis don't play ball maybe some assistance.
Tony B liar will probably be there trying to do a Bill Clinton just before he (hopefully) bows out. Good opportunity for him to demonstrate his compasion for his friendly and peace loving Muslim friends.

hmmm that LGB might be a good idea after all.

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