Hezbollah hacked Israeli Army radios

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by here_be_mike, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Saw this on www.theinquirer.net and thought i post it, any idea what kit the IDF are using? Same as the Americans or somthing local?
  2. Thats the problem with freq hopping. Once you know what kind of system that your up against you can work out a good chance of the areas that it will be hopping into.
    Factor all the time that they will have been using live comms against Hezbollah so the chances that their version of the Yoz will be using the same styles of freq hopping range. Much the same way that we managed to get into the Enigma system.
    You know how it is you get somthing new and eventually the enemy will figure it out. No matter how stupid you believe they are.
  3. Fcuk me, we spend millions trying to exploit these systems and it is as simple as that. :roll:
  4. I don't think that Mr Hezbollah has been working this gig on his own

    " I'll get by......"

  5. I'd love to know how you can compare the breaking of the Enigma system and being able to second guess the hop pattern, dwell time, rate of a modern combat radio system? Oh and then strip off the encryption.

    Lads the gigs up, tell the Farm we are not needed and close down Chicksands.
  6. When you ask what kit IDF are using, my bold tells you. SINGARS is the US version of BOWMAN - albeit a generation early and not with the UK upgrades. However the reports says the Israeli soldiers broke the rules - so if the made a tannoy then frequency hopping and crypto don't come into it.