Hezbollah Continue to Target UN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. More UN soldiers were targetted by Hezbollah when a roadside bomb was directed at a Tanzanian MP unit

    The Link

    Does this mean that the UN is doing its job in keeping Hezbollah arms out of the area?
  2. Well, they've certainly put at least one Hezbollah bomb "permanently and irrevocably beyond use".

    What HB think they're playing at I've no idea. They can't have mistaken Tanzanians for Israelis, and they certainly ain't daft enough to believe it's the UN forces keeping the IDF away from a fight.

    Anyone any ideas?
  3. If it's Qasimiyeh I surprised that there was a bridge there at all.

    Politically this is an absolute balls up on the part of the Hezbollah. Any Christian or non-fundamentalist sympathy gained during the war last year (And there was much...nobody wanted the Israeli's storming into Lebanon again) will be rapidly eroded if they keep this up.

    The Hezbollah, for many in the west, were almost the 'acceptable' face of Shia Islamists. Apart from various delerious reports from some of the American networks based in Israel during the conflict repeatedly refering to them as Terrorists, their aggressive defence of Lebanon was grudgingly admired by most of the population. After the conflict Nazrallah even put his hands up and said that if he'd known what would have happened (i.e war) they wouldn't have banjoed the two IDF blokes.

    Their popularity and political leverage was further increased by the fact that they are instumental in rebuilding much of Southern Lebanon's damaged towns and infrastructure. However:

    There are concerns regarding the funding of these projects which is largely coming in from Iran. The US in particular is jittery but it would probably be fair to say Nazrollah cares f@ck all about that.

    But for them to plan another attack on the United Nations will just undermine everything they have achieved domestically and drive a wedge further into an unstable Government. (Albeit one that tolerates a Christian President and a Muslim Prime Minister)

    It may be a case of splinter cells cracking on without the green light from the senior bods...

    ...but if this goes on I wouldn't mind betting the UN HQ in Central Beirut cops it again. I filmed the mob putting the boot into it last year, although most of the UN buggered off when the first shelling began there was no hiding the resentment that locals felt for the 'peace keepers'
  4. If Hezb wanted the UN out of S.Lebanon, they could achieve it. I doubt that the UN (/the contributing nations) would accept taking heavy losses to carry out their missions there.
    Though Hezb are reconstituting they need the 'space' as well to refigure their plan/strategy. It serves all sides to have the UN their (at the moment).
    As BE said - could be splinter cells at work.
  5. I agree pretty stupid tactics, but possibly aimed at keeping UNIFIL slighlty destabilised in order that it doesn't get too comfortable, hang about/extend it's presence and thus hinder any future Hezbollah activities down the line? Alternatively, just a desire by the local grouping to be seen to be a force to be reckoned with in the area (failing to realise the strategic implications)?

    Bigeye commented elsewhere on the poor MediaOps within the organisation. They probably need a new POLAD too.
  6. It is probably Hezbollah carrying out these attacks or local factions of the group, but I have read elsewhere that other Islamist groups such as Fatah al-Islam might be possibly behind the attacks!?!
  7. Plain old intimidation is all... next time they bring a truck load of ordinance through a Tanzanian check point, they aren't expecting it to be looked at too closely.
  8. North of Tyre?
    They scooped up another bunch of Gulf Arabs with an explosive cache a month ago.

    It is extraordinarily unlikely that HA carried out this attack or the last one.
    1. If HA wanted UNIFIL out the Smurfs would have have casualties running into three figures and a stack of hostages would be chained to Lebanon's radiators.
    2. Neither of these attacks carries HA's trademark lethal efficiency.
    3. HA have no motive for attacking UNIFIL they are certainly having no impact on HA reconstruction of their bunker lines in the South let alone their disarming them.
    4. The Israelis regularly allege that UNIFIL actually collaborates with HA.

    You only have to look at the feckin map to see were this is coming from.
    The answer is just up the road. There are ~19,000 refugees at Burj el-Shemali, about 10,000 at El-Buss. Refugees have been flowing down South from the fighting in Nahr el Bared.

    Even the neocons Counterterrorism blog can't bring them selves to spin HA as doing anymore than failing to tout out the neighbors with whom they hint HA have a shadowy Syrian connection.
    These "counterterrorism experts" are strangely unaware of how easy it is to lay a roadside bomb, folk in Baghdad seem to manage it under our "Surge". HA may be impressive but they are not all seeing. The same school of Weekly Standard expert also cited al Zaraqwi's ability to visit Saddam's Baghdad as proof positive that he was in league with the great WMD monger and father of 9-11.

    The more probable back story is available here this is likely the work of a bunch of Saudi sponsored muppets that slipped the Prince's leash and ran amok in Nahr el Bared. They're pissed and UNIFIL are a very soft targets. The most embarrassing available to their old paymasters.
  9. At the end of the day these lunatics will attach anyone and always have done.

    They don't identify Tanzanians or anyone else as being a force for good they are just targets. Let's not forget that for decades they have attacked the Americans who were there wearing the blue beret. The French also suffered and didn't the Spanish take casualties as well.

    Hezbollah just want to de-stabilise the country and thus the region. If the democratic government falls and the UN pull out it frees the ground for them to continue their murderous campaign. None of this by the way could happen without the full approval and support of the Syrians who have systematically undermined the state of Lebanon - a wonderful country with some fine people who deserve better.
  10. IIRC UNIFIL have no mandate to disarm Hisbullah or anyone else in the area?

    Supposedly the Lebanese army can be trusted with the job.
  11. Hezb are too sensible to go around nakedly attacking UN peacekeepers, it's someone else having a pop for some reason.
  12. I agree it's not the Hez, but I'd bet they're not shy of supplying anyone else who fancies having a pop.
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