Discussion in 'REME' started by Nodster, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys!

    I went to the Careers Office today for a look into the Army, and am very interested in joining the REME as an Avionics Technician or an Aviation Technician.

    I was wondering, for one, what Time I need to be able to run 1.5 mile in? I can probably, in about 2 weeks after I've got back into training, run it in about 11 minutes easily. I used to be able too, when I was 15 be able to run 1500m in 6 minutes. And I know another 1000m in reality should take me about another 4/5 minutes to run. So hopefully I'd be fine running it in about 10-11 minutes correct? I do have a couple of months before I would need to do this run though, as I only started my entry phase into the Army today. So I could possibly push for a lot quicker time. Could possibly deduct a minute after a couple of months worse of intense training.

    Another question. What type of Maths is involved in Avionics/Aviation Technician? I got a B in Maths at GCSE doing practically no effort. I can, quite easily re-pick up Trigonometry if needed and everything similar to that, as I know with the Technicians side they make you do another test (forgot name of it). I aren't that worried (yet) about what I need to know/what physical peak I need to be at, as I know it's going to take a few month to build me up to what the Army want me at physical side, and I am intelligent, I'm just not one for academia. I dislike sitting there doing something I'm not enjoying.

    I know I waffled on slightly there, but summing it up.

    1. Time to run 1.5 mile run?
    2. Other physical tests? Such as how many push up or situps etc?
    3. Type of maths involved?

    =] 8O
  2. Firstly, well done for not slipping into the usual "txt spk", although as you say you are intelligent (?)

    Secondly and more importantly for you, a Techy helpful type will be along shortly to answer your maths question.

    Have a good day :)

    Oh, forgot to say, just give everything your best effort and you wont go far wrong.
  3. I would like to think I was relatively intelligent. I know how annoying it can be deciphering the "txt spk" as you put it =]

    Any answers to my questions would be very nice, as if I can already run the time I don't need to spend as much time on my CV and spend time doing Musuclar Strength/Endurance in my upper body. =]
  4. REME ?

    Dont bother Mate. I have been in it for 18 years and its.............not as good as its cracked up to be. Do something decent with your life.
  5. I am doing something decent with my life.

    Sorry to sound "touchy". But people who try and throw off other people's "dreams" really do annoy me.

    Yes the Army isn't what it's cracked up to be I know. I have friends in the Army and know a lot of people who have benfitted from the Army (such as Mums mates etc)

    I might be younger then you. But answer me this, if you dislike it so much, why have you done 18 years?
  6. 10:30 should be the slowest you ever aim to finish the BFT, less than 10 and your life will be easier, pressups and sit ups you need to be doing around 55-60 for the test, but you should fairly easily be able to push out 100 of each daily with a bit of training. the fitter you are, the easier training will be and army life in general.
  7. As posted by Whitemouse 1030 is the slowest you should be aiming for for the run and at least 50 press ups and sit ups. Maths was a long time ago for me but if you can do trigonometry it will be a help for working out flight principles etc, also as long as you can do quadratic equations, algebra etc. They dont just throw you in at the deep end you do get some instruction first. But you must be able to pass the maths before moving on to trade training. Dont listen to other peoples views if you want ot join up go for it, REME at least gives you a trade you can use when you get out. Be prepared to go away on a lot of Op tours aswell, in the aviation side the guys are doing about 6 months every year on Ops on top of all the normal exercises etc, great when you're young and single a bit tiresome when you get older and married.
    Just put the effort in and enjoy it.
  8. Thanks for the information.

    I am now more confident about getting in, as 10.30 I should be able to run after a little more training with ease, so on the day when i push myself to 110% I could push for a time of 9.45-ish.

    Also with the maths, I can do Trigonometry, Quadratic Equatiosn etc, so I'm quietly confuident about that too =]

    With the ops tours etc, that would excite me more, visiting different places will make the job more interesting I'm sure, well, when I'm young nd single, maybe if I get older and get married i'll leave or something =]
  9. Nodster,

    I commend your choice of trades. However, the trades are called, IIRC, Avionics or Aircraft. The Avionics Tech deals with the electronics and the Aircraft Tech deals with the airframe, engines etc on board helicopters and UAVs.

    So, you want to join the Army and spend 18 months sitting in a classroom learning maths, science and electronics? I recommend that you think carefully about this one!

    IIRC, you need a minimum of 3 GCSEs at Grade B or above in Maths, Science and English. The maths is taught to A Level standard - algebra, trig, calculus etc.

  10. Well, I can stand doing something if it's going to be working towards something I enjoy. I am mathematically clever, it's probably my best academic subject, I think I could take it onto A-Level standard and Degree standard if I had too.

    Yea I also gathered it wasn't called Aviation, I just thought it for some reason, and then it stuck with me =/ However though, I'll be more likely working towards going into Avionics if I pass through the tests etc.

    If I don't, they can offer me something more suitable for me, which there's a lot in the army I could do. Lets hope =]

    I just hope I'm not throwing myself into false hope.
  11. Bear in mind you are going to go from GCSE to A Level standard maths in a very short time (4 weeks in the past not sure what its like now) and as Litotes says think very carefully about joining up as a technician if its college you dont fancy.

    You will be sitting at a desk or in a Lab or in some form of Academia 8 hours a day for the next 12-18 months, No knocking off early or getting out of bed late because you don't fancy it, no skippin lectures occasionally and cribbing off your mates later, it is a sight harder and a sight more is expected of you than any Civvy college.

    But at the end of it you get a sight better job than the vast majority of your civvy contemporaries.
  12. Yea, I know it's going to be hard work, but if I'm with other people doing the same course, and let's say I'm struggling to pick up on something there's people around me who'll know it and can push me through it (hopefully).

    If I get my head down and work I could be smart enough to push this job. Not going to be easy but will be worth it in the end. =]

    Especially with the option of being a Pilot after a few years, according to my Careers Office guy you can get trained there after about 5 years or so.
  13. its not 12 - 18 months, your looking at 18 months for aircraft but you need to get more than 95% on all tests as spaces are extremely limited, and 2 1/2 years for avionics, once again being top of the class once you start learning basic electronics. If you dont like classrooms then maybe its not the job for you
    your looking at on average 2 years in a classroom, then 3 years in your unit then come back to arborfield to do upgraders..
  14. Give whatever you want a try mate, I've done nearly 17 years and have had ups and downs, the army is different for everyone of us and if you don't like it after a while sign off. It's that simple. Good luck.
  15. Maths Pool (Is Bumstead still there?) is only the start of a (hopefully) long career in alcohol abuse, although as an Av/ Air Tech it will probaby be the start of a long career in self abuse.

    I was taught more arithmetic/ mathematic/ electronic theory (and to a greater depth) on my ONC back in 87/88 at SEE than on my HND in Newcastle in 96. I mention this only to illustrate Zippy's post - it is hard, none of this "40% pass" nonsense. REME requires 60% minimum for a pass, go below this once and you might (if you are lucky, or a Corps sportsman) be allowed a resit. Go below it twice, and you will be removed from electronics training, and advised on a different career/ trade path.

    Don't be seduced by the powder puff beret, real men go CET.