this is my first time posting, i'm going for my briefing soon, im relatively sure on what im supposed to be doing but i just wanted to know about the MAPs bit, is that the acronym? im not too sure, anyway it gives you a cat four straight away, what does that involve and how hard is it? any ways to prepare for it? i would appreciate all advice, thanks guys
MAP is the mental apptitude test.

3 parts, verbal, numerical and abstract.

Fail it and your on a CAT 4

Pass it and the least you should get is a CAT3

You can revise for it, try doing some Mental apptitude tests online and keep at it.
Ah thanks for your help, have you got any other tips or advice for the RCB briefing? one other thing ... im eighteen years old and would basically like to know if this would have a big affect on me at the RCB briefing and main board, seeing as though im quite young and i understand there will be people much older than me and with military experience, any ideas? thank you
yes i have been looking through that thread, it was my second ever post and i didnt realise there was a specific thread for rcb otherwise i would of posted on there. I have been looking at it but i havent found anything really specific to the age thing, when i went for my interview i was told that i will find "fierce competition" and so wandered if people that have actually done it could help in any way by telling me how fierce it is, if it is and so on, thanks i do appreciate the replies
Advice : Abstract is a very odd test, and the examples are very easy compared to the actual ones on the MAP, Practise this on the internet, I'm sure there are some random tests around if you search. The Verbal and Maths were extremely basic, just make sure you are strict with your timing. If you can't figure it out immediately go onto the next one...don't just guess it, come back to it if you have time. ( I didn't complete any of the sections entirely, but I ended up with a High MAP score according to my group leader)
Thanks for your reply Impera, just wanted to know whats Abstract? and where do you get these examples? otherwise thanks for letting me know, have you done your RCB recently?
When you are booked onto a briefing they send you a few examples of what to expect with regards to the Verbal,Maths and Abstract Reasoning. Just do a Search on "Abstract reasoning" make sure you are comfortable with that section before you do the MAP. good luck.

I haven't done my RCB but I'll be booking it soon, travel plans were uncertain at the time i needed to book. Probably do it in November though.

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