Hey! WORLD CUP Chinese Army bogpaper gift- What you think?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LingsCars, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. OK! Fire in hole!!!!

    New WORLD CUP offer sponsored by Chinese Army (well, nearly). Get a FREE do-it-yourself-with-a-pair-of-chopsticks England car flag. Scottish soldier or Muslim extremist can simply burn flag on the street when it arrives. Everyone else can alternatively use it as reusable bog roll. Quick! Before England get knocked out!! Can you think of any other uses for flag?


    Click on picture for movie!!! What are you all doing while I am so damn busy, eh?
  2. I've just thought of another use for them, we could scrunch them up and SHOVE THEM IN YOUR FCUKING GOB HELD IN PLACE WITH HALF A ROLL OF GAFFER TAPE.

    Damn that feels better..... :lol:
  3. What a cnut!
  4. Hope you don't mean me old chap, mind you it would be a pretty accurate description..........
  5. Ho. Bullet Sponge, you are so kind to give me good idea. I will test it out and let you know. My problem is that I have 500 to get rid of, and I cannot put 500 in gob. My gob is small beautiful Chinese style gob, not large ugly British soldier gob.

    Possibly you could issue them to friendly Iraq or Afghan civilians, so you know which ones not to shoot. I appreciate this will confuse you if you are Scottish soldier.

    This is nearly an automated response.
  6. No No, that mling... fling... ding... whatshisname fella
  7. i am quite sure a British soldier with a large ugly gob could get all 500 in your small chinese gob :twisted:
  8. But 500 in gob will not stop me typing.

    Anyone fancy my PLA sister in video? She is looking for a nice soldier with British passport. She can cook, clean, do bayonet attack and pick cockles (all at same time).
  9. I'm glad to see that Ling has not lost her wit.
  10. LING IS A GIRL!!!???
  11. If I soak flags in petrol (like Iranians and Palestinians regularly do) to lubricate, I find I can get 57 in gob at once.

    If no-one orders them from me, I will modify by writing "Death to Blair" in black marker, then ship to Tehran for $.50 each.
  12. I read in the nothern echo that you had to get rid of that balistic missile truck thing a while back, what did you do with it?
  13. No-one knows exactly what genitals she hides under all that leather, but the widely held view is that she is indeed 'female'.
  14. Well Sh1t the bed!
  15. You ask very intelligent question (for British soldier). And you can read!

    Missile is not ballistic. You mean pallastic? Yes, it is pallastic.

    Stupid buyer pulled out before completing (men, tch!) and I still have it. However, 2 Shags Prescott's planners force me to park away from A1 road, so if you squint, you can see it in middle of field.

    I am waiting for Dale's dog to pay it a visit.

    Thanks for interest.