Hey! We got a new slogan!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by California_Tanker, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. The much-derided "Army of One" has finally been given the death it so richly deserved. We now have "Army Strong"

    Well, it's an improvement, even if we're not quite up to the level of the British or Irish campaigns.

    Even more of an improvement is the new advertising video:


    I do believe I saw a tank. And a guy holding a machinegun. Miracles never cease. Maybe next time they'll actually show someone shooting something or blowing someting up. About time they decided to advertise something positive about the job itself, as opposed to the fringe benefits.

  2. "and the strength to get over yourself?" :)
  3. Do the people that create this advedrtising campaignes actually ask real soldiers why they join?
  4. I believe they use data gathered by the Army itself to determine motives.
  5. "Army Strong" is better even though it smacks of a knuckledragger grunting it.

    The best Army commercial is this starring Johnny Cash singing Won't Back Down.
  6. If you need a multimillion dollar ad campaign to be told you are the best in the world then I guess you need all the brainwashing you can get.

    In all honesty, the reason I signed up for what I signed up for has a lot to do with the movie " Rules Of Engagement." Hardly a classic but hey, it was good enough to convince my punk arrse to walk into the recruiter's office.Doesn't matter really since I only paid a dollar to see it!

  7. No, it has nothing to do with being told you are the best; it's a a multi-million dollar campaign for recruitment in a volunteer army that competes with the private sector for labor. The Army along with the National Guard and Reserve component need to recruit just over 150,000 new soldiers a year. That's a huge number, larger than most armies. Hence the cost.
  8. Like I said if you need a multimillion dollar campaign ESPECIALLY IN A TIME OF WAR when the very existence of your way of life is threatened then something is amiss.
  9. I personally think "Be All You Can Be" was good. I wasn't a fan of "Army of One".
  10. No you said that they needed a multi-million dollar campaign to be told they are the best in the world.

    What part of a Volunteer Army competing with the private sector for labor and needing a large budget to recruit over 150,000 per year--and substantially meeting their goals--do you have difficulty comprehending? Something may be 'amiss', but the Army and other services have been given their playing field by congress; compete for recruitment.
  11. Another slogan had been creeping into the adds, "Strength for Now. Strength for Later."

    First that and now "Army Strong"?

    Sounds like frakking aspirin commercials!!!

    "Got a headache? Take Advil. Strength for Now. Strength for Later. Advil Strong."
  12. Strength for now, strength for later is Army Reserve I think

    However, you're right about the aspirin thing :wink: