Hey! Thats Not Our Daughter Weve Been Sponge-Bathing!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chalky, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Coma woman mix-up pains US family

    A US family has spent weeks caring for a comatose crash victim only to learn their daughter died in the crash and the survivor is someone else.
  2. Oh dear!

  3. Sounds like a hospital administrator's position just became available. Wonder if the comatose patient has been having bizarre dreams of being manhandled and fondled by a group of unknown, sea-sponge wielding orgiasts? And what of the dead girl? I would presume that some family buried her weeks ago, no? What exactly is the proper etiquette in such a situation?

    "Look, sorry mate, but we buried your daughter by mistake. Now, we've laid out several thousand dollars for the embalming, the plot, the headstone, which you'll have to get re-done, but come on, we've a sick comatose girl in hospital to take care of and every penny counts!"

    Sad and unfortunate all round, but several good jokes to be had nonetheless.
  4. I can just imagine the "Injury Lawyers 4u" advert for that one !!!
  5. "Listen Mate! Cough up for the funeral, or up she comes!"