Hey, Stupid UK: Let Your Cops and Fair Citizens Carry Guns!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCT(V), Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Hey, Stupid UK: Let Your Cops and Fair Citizens Carry Guns!

    For the whole article, you may have to click-on the “Townhall Magazine” HOMEPAGE, and then enter:

    Doug Giles Hey, Stupid UK: Let Your Cops and Fair Citizens Carry Guns!
  2. I support his views.just google kennesaw giorgia and the proof is in the pudding.
  3. Unarmed Police is all part of this 'Policing by Consent' fantasy… NIPS seem perfectly happy to carry gats as do the rest of the universe.

    Armed citizens? Well, we used to be required to take up arms to uphold the Queens Peace but we were sold this concept called a 'Constabulary', whereby we would employ full time people to do it for us - hmmm, seems we were had.
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  4. Yeah because armed police in other democracies (Germany,USA etc) regularly use their guns to break up riots. Dear Doug you ******* cretin, plus limit yourself to ranting nonsense about your own country.
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  5. I'm confused. If guns = no riots, why big riots in LA?
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  6. Bollocks. I hate the Rioters more than anybody. But to kill another human being over possesions? I'm not so sure.

    And as for Police carrying Guns? This is when accidents start happening. i.e Innocent people getting shot. And when the Police start carrying Guns you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a surge in crims carrying weapons.

    I have been to countries where the police carry guns and I have felt no safer, infact quite the opposite. I don't think we should be taking advice from the U.S Police, or any American for that matter.
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  7. All coppers here are armed,however Glock 40's are not really appropriate for riot control. As for an armed populace, 90% of the population should never be let near a firearm.
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  8. Since when have the yanks started using the term "Bollocks"?
  9. Listen: If you wanna be in the PFJ, you'll really have to hate the Rioters.

    Oh, yeah? How much?

    Right, you're in.

    Litsen, iLoveYourMumDrunk: the only people we hate more than the Rioters are the ******* Judean People's Front.

    Yeah, splitters. *******.
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  10. How many members of the public would you trust with a gun?
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  11. Texas? Ah yes, Dubya &Co.

    Isn't that where they all wear 10 gallon hats on 15 gallon heads?
  12. Targets will fall when hit…

    Yes, EuroPlods spend their time accidentally offing passing members of the public as do NIPS.

    One presumes PC Broadhurst and WPC Beshenivsky were shot dead with loaded fingers?

    Do soldiers carrying guns scare you too? Should we disarm the troops too 'for the children'? How about MoD Plod? They scare you too?
    Guns are a just tool, the fact they scare you tells us us a lot about your personal issues.
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  13. This man

  14. In parts of London we already have the public well armed.
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  15. Was using an illegal firearm and wasn't licensed to own firearms - sooo…*'This man' was a 'criminal'.
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