Hey kids, drugs are FUN!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Awol, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. How the world changes.

    Just a few years ago just being a homosexual would have had you jailed. Now one can not only promote and admit to the use of illegal drugs, but the organs of the state will back him up to the hilt.


    Harrumph.. It's mad I tell you.

  2. Drugs have clearly screwed up his common sense as well as his dress sense:

    He added: "I've tried loads of drugs, but it would really bug me if I got busted in the tabloids because I take them so rarely."

    I don't understand the logic of that statement
  3. Evidently cheaper and less addictive than drugs?
  4. I'm thinking that one of them has made him a raving Mincer! iTS A GOOD ADVERT.

    "Youth of today. If you take drugs you will be penetrated by men"
  5. So does this silent condemnation include alcohol? Or only those drugs arbitrarily declared "illegal" by gobments.

  6. Can't you rephrase that as "persons of a similar persuasion"?
  7. The guy's simply being honest. He's not really my cup of tea, a bit too gay really, but we all know that the media and the arts are absolutely riddled with drug fiends. So what if he did ecstasy a few years ago - they're not a patch on the real nasties like smack, crack and coke (that sounds quite catchy doesn't it?).

    I personally get offended at the fact that the media idolise these scum like Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, Kerry Katona, Lindsey Lohan, Robbie Williams et al even though they're all utter filth who are portrayed as role models and therefore portray the message that being a cocaine addict is cool.
  8. no the guy is simply being a tosser. As you have pointed out. Young people catch on to what these pieces of pond life get up to and think.

    "Yeah why not"

    He is a Mincing low life waste of space and needs to be publicly Shot!
  9. And, if he's so concerned about the story not appearing in the tabloids, why spill the beans to a magazine? Must be short of publicity.
  10. BBC America has a program where they interview Brits who are hooked on coke. Coked Up Britain its called. Very sad to see bright people destroying their lives.
  11. You would have to have led a desperately sheltered existence not to think drugs were fun.

    Why the Feck do you think so many people take em?

    You would also have to have led a desperately sheltered existence to think that Graeme Norton is a role model

    Continue with your oldy worldy kneejerk reactions

    Rastas eat babies too
  12. I suppose Kate Moss isn't a role model to teenage girls either?
  13. T*at! :x
  14. I was under the impression it was a 40 plus, camp as christmas irish TV presenter that was being discussed

    Whats your point. if you want to widen the net not a problem but ask your self

    What is the reason for Kate Mosses fame/role model type status

    Not that she take drugs but that she is a model

    Taking drugs is something role models get caught doing not generally the reason they are famous

    Peter Doherty Lead singer in a relatively succesful critically aclaimed band

    Barrymore apparently a funny comedian previous to drug expose

    George Michael succesful singer

    Robbie williams

    Elton John

    Etc etc

    Famous first, not role models for being drug users..........

    I can't recall anybody famous solely for their drug intake

    A different angle to look at it, might be better to say alot of celebrities and role models have various personality issues which are examined daily under the microscope of the media

    Would be interesting to follow a well subscribed Sgts mess on a stag bash/POTL pish up/Amsterdam trip and record the behaviour these "Role models" and "back bone" of the british army
  15. What is actually being discussed here is why our society, and the organs of the state that presumably represent that society, can on the one hand vilify drug taking while at the same time obviously condone it. Whether the celebrity is a queer as fcuk, camp, talentless waste of skin or a six stone model that would snap if she fell off a chair is irrelevant, the issue is that our society is clearly giving the wrong signals to kids.