Hey guys can you help......

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by james5599, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. hi guys,

    long time lurker but wonder if you could help,

    i m after some intel on a suspected walt......

    anyone that can help would be appreciated

    i have the basics and the various claims made...


  2. well do tell then? the suspence is killing me!!
  3. No problems - based on the information that you have supplied it would seem that she is one..........
  4. if its confirmed then i ll add them to the wall of shame as it were!!

    but at the moment, i m keeping quiet.....so any help be appreciated!

  5. Well... Give us the info then?
  6. That skunk's mean shit...............
  7. OK I'll play the game .........

    Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?
  8. i am confused...
  9. guys,

    as i ve said, if its confirmed, your ll have your pound of flesh.......

    its aimed at current/ex airborne guys, so drop me a pm if you can help.....

  10. Do you have any pictures of you self-harming? Send them on if you do. Super, thanks
  11. Maybe you could narrow it down ever so slightly so people have a clue what you're on about

    If all else fails- what's his service number, which unit did he serve with and what was the OCs name?
  12. And the above is why 'walt' threads should be shunned. Civvies giving advice to civvies on how to out suspected walts.
  13. Have you missed the morning pills? Who the fuck let you loose on a keyboard - they deserve to have their scrotum ironed flat.
  14. thanks for the pm s guys,

    got the info i needed....

    many thanks

  15. No you didn't. Liar