Hey everyone


I thought I should join and say hello!

I've been to my local office and have my BARB test in two weeks. I'm trying to get into the Royal Engineers as a Chippy as thats what I have been doing for last 8 months.

Can't wait! but have been told it could be 6 months waiting list!

I might have trouble with my GCSE's I have 3 English gcse's at D,D and C

Maths E :( even thought I can work out everything lol

Just hope they can over look this and take my NVQ's in security into account.

Also said I would be willing to retake any GCSE to get in as this is what I want to do!.

If I can't get in as a chippy what could I do? and could I change to another trade when I'm in?


Uncivilization said:
If I can't get in as a chippy what could I do? and could I change to another trade when I'm in?

Seriously, welcome to the Wondeful World of Arrse. Make yourself a(t) home.
Hello mate,

There are other jobs in the engineers which have lower GCSE requirements. The question is whether they're available given the current employment climate where most jobs have a waiting list.

My advice now is to prepare well for your BARB because:

1. The job choice available to you will depend on the score you get at BARB which is referred to as GTI (General Trainability Index)

2. The GTI will also determine the score you get at selection and consequently the grade you get after ADSC. If you get an A or a B you should have a good chance of being loaded onto a course for your chosen job.

After you do the BARB your recruiter will give you a list of jobs available to you depending on your GTI and other criteria. Your recruiter will help you with any difficulties you might have.

Good Luck
I've also had to start my 1.5 times lol

as a bodybuilder for 5 years I didn't ever run, first time around the block killed me.

At least I have the strengh to get it! just not as good jogging but I can work on that before ADSC

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