Hey Bully, what you gonna do with your 1000th Post?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Dr_Feltcher, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Congratulations!

    You've given good advice to myself under other alias' and many other people.

  2. Congratulations Bully!
  3. So why on earth do people have alias' on a site like this? One username not enough?
  4. he's going to fcuk off sausage side and not post because he has no internet yet.
  5. just had a text from bully he has arrived sausage sideand has lost his capbadge in transit and is the only scaley in his unit. So he's starting work tomorrow looking like frank spencer, quality first impression.

    Well i laughed until i shat myself :twisted:
  6. Fecker he hasn't texted me, well theres my karma.
  7. Jebus i've already replied to this but it obviously hasn't taken fecking arrse equipment.

    what should i do with my 1000th post should i be informative, intelligent and witty for the first time ever should i have a good whinge about my new unit or should i simply stick to the same level as usual and say

    [marq=left]Smoojalooge is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay[/marq]

  8. I think you should whinge about your new unit bloody messing up my school holidays.
  9. Dont tell me .................................................................you're going to eat it

  10. Ah a fat joke a tad predictable methinks. Come on people be imaginative i know i'm fat i cant help but notice, You'll really have to try harder if you want to lay into me.
  11. Well let me see should we go for the fact you are the biggest jonah I've ever met on the pull, to the extent if was raining fanny you'd get knocked out by a set of bollocks.

    The fact you fight like a girl

    Or that you look like a giant baby when in your undercrackers (which are bought by your gran).
  12. Bully, I would just stick with being handsome, intelligent and witty. Something Smooj will never manage. Congratulations mate, when can I start picking on you???
  13. Ah see smooje is showing imagination with the put downs thanks for giving me some sort of recognition but my gran hasnt bought me pants for quite a while now.

    BTW i should be back on line fully very soon so dale you can attempt to pick on me all you want then.
  14. Dale babe i understand your anger but you must understand you are not worthy of riding the smoojalooge. I have to deal with bitterness of poor woman like you so often.

    Hey it's tough being me.

    and are we talking about the same bully here,intelligent ??
  15. And you smell of cabbage poo!!!