Hey bf doin trainin in bassingbourn

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by sarahhughes, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Hey anyone's bf doin trainin in bassingbourn at min? for reme
  2. my bf has just gone there but for royal engineers, but if they had same in take they could be in same platoon, my bf went on sun28th june
  3. I doubt it, I went to bassingbourn and there are a lot of platoons per company, they would more than likely be in the same company if they started same intake but otherwise there is (guestimate) about 15-20 platoons split between 4 or 5 companies
  4. ooops i thought platoons split to companies! i should listen better when he was trying to explain it to me, ok well hes at same camp then...somewhere lol.
  5. What the fcuk would you know! have you been through basic yet. Oh no your not going until August, so keep out of something you do not know about or passed out of!

  6. Bit harsh old boy.
  7. Stilts, he's a re-joiner, mate, so he has some idea of things military
  8. now now lol my bf went may 30th hes in korea troop
  9. Easy now 8O as the other guy said, I am a re-enlister, hope that clears things up a bit :)