Hey all thinking of a transfer

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Siboggle, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi there currently a pioneer and a CPL as the way our postings are going (nowhere) i'm looking into a transfer. is there any trades i could transfer over to but keep my rank.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. A transferred to Postie as a Cpl and kept mine. You're RLC already so it should be quite straightforward.
  3. Siboggle, I suggest you speak to the SPSO at Deepcut who will give you chapter and verse on all the options, or visit one of the upcoming transfer fairs; ask your RCMO where and when the next one is.

    Postie is a very good option as you could well be a Sgt within little over a year, given the vacancies - Log Spec (Sup) has lots of opportunities also. If you have the education Ammo Tech is an excellent choice; not to mention they are on higher band pay with options being investigated on how to pay them even more. You could always do PTI selection for APTC if you are an AAPTI and get promoted to boot. I don't know what the route is for SASC bu being a Pioneer you may have the requisite skills.

    Good luck.
  4. thanks for the reply, been looking at the postie route.

    Done my SAA course and dont fancy going sasc route.
    Just wondering what else but postie there is, could even thing across other capbadges but doubt i would keep my rank.
  5. People have transfrerred into Port Operator and have kept their rank, plus they tend to get through to their Cl 2 a wee bit sooner.
  6. You might wish to check 2009DIN01-003 dated Jan 2009 which gives details of the transfer bonus payable to soldiers who successfully transfer to a shortage trade (so-called Pinch Point trades).

    The eligible RLC trades are:

    Ammo Tech
    Postal & Courier Op

    Retention of your rank is another matter and your RCMO will have the latest information.


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  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Most Cpl's I've seen transfer have kept their rank even from other cap badges into the RLC and amongst RLC trades.

    The only case I've seen of it not happening was a Sigs Sgt transferring to AT and having to revert to Cpl.
  8. The RLC has taken a lot of transferees in the last little while and vacancies across the trades at Cpl rank are limited. If you are up to the educational standards, AT has gaps and there are a few in Mov Con. Posties and Chefs are all topped up for the time being at Cpl level and it is unlikely that you would be offered a place as a Cpl until at least the end of the year. But there are some gaps in Pet Op and Comms Spec at Cpl.

    The age old problem with transferees apply. It will take you time to rebuild your professional experience and competence and if you have already served for a reasonable period of time, subsequent promotion might be behind the peer group of the trade group you are joining. Transferring trade is best done young and relatively junior in rank. However, there are many successful exceptions who have made excellent careers in a new trade. Good luck with your decisions.
  9. Slightly off topic, apologies, but have you thought about the Army Pilots Course?
  10. hi i am transfering to tank transport and i have been told i will be put back to Lcpl i am substansive full screw is this true or false
  11. True, no vacancies for Cpl in the Tk Tptr trade that cannot be found from qualified LCpl.
  12. hi all just got my confirmation thru i am in got either 16 tanks or 19 god i hope for 16 back to germany lol

    can anyone tell me how long it takes to pass my class 3 fully class 1d up at the mo with civi experiance also (agency work)

    how longs the cse and where are they ran

    any help would be great many thanks dan
  13. Your Driver Tank Transporter Class 3 will take 7 weeks. You'll do it in Fally at the 'School of Tank Transporting' enjoy! Be prepared for HERRICK 12 if you get 16 Sqn (if you get your course done in time)
  14. happy with that got to move my family over first i only just moved away 2 years ago well that if i do get 16 thanks for the info
  15. There will be gaps in both units. Put your PPP in and get your RCMO to call the desk officer at APC RLC Soldier Wing to discuss your preference for 16. If you leave it to 'lady luck' sods law will have you going to Bulford. Good luck.