Hey all, just wondering

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SparkySteve, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. As a mockney living in newcastle, im wandering off to my local TA tonight to go and have a sniff about it, just wondering what sort of thing and what stich ups to expect?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Shouldn't be any stitch-ups on the first night - the TA needs all the recruits it can get...

    Unless you fall for the old "You'll get your pay as soon as you get your army number" line...

  3. which unit?
  4. Hey i thought i was going to get payed first night! Hah.
    One of the units in the Newcastle Area, related to my username.
    Another thing is going into it relativley unfit, that a problem or is that being sorted out along the line?

    Or is everyone a fat old turd in the TA?
  5. Read the cft thread lol :D .How does a mockney communicate with a geordie sign language :?
  6. Hey im keen to be at least as fit as that, helps with the pulling!
    I have to speak very slowly and repeat myself many, many times. Likewise for them!
    Nice to know il only have to learn 4names tho, ant, dec, pj and duncan!
  7. Is that how you personally see the TA? That's the kinda line you'd here from a small minded civvie.
  8. Harris, go and google "self deprecating humour".
  9. Will do! I do apologize, i'm tired and cranky.
  10. Yeah i was, fair point.
    Went along last night, met all the different troops ect ect everyones real nice and had a massive drink as well! Proper good night, and as for mockney-geordie comms, apparently i sound australian!

  11. Ah.... the joys of first joining. Have they told you about the ritual dance you have to do on Attestation and where the Badge puts his stick if you're naughty?
  12. And 99.9% of regulars.
  13. wait till you get the tossing paperwork... still havent finished it! Got it at 8pm last night!
  14. Most of last night (pre-bar) was paperwork to be fair.

    Any of you wet the bed since you were 10?
  15. Pissed on the bedroom floor a few times.