Hey all.... im new

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by kool_beans_842, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. hiya i just want to say hi im kool_beans_842 hope everyone is well and hope chat to you all x :D
  2. Come on in and shut the door. You're causing a draught. While you're at the bar, mine's a pint.
  3. Ello, welcome to Arrse. Watch out for the alchos in the corner. They'll lear at you and try to insult you. Not to worry, we've all heard it before. :roll:

    Just burp in their face or something.
  4. Who the fuck are you? Whats your connection to the British Army?
  5. And if anyone tries to stick there foot long schlong in you...then dont struggle, its easier that way..
  6. heya thank you... yeah ill be sure 2 get you a pint if you give me your money first haha x :)
  7. It's the internet. How are you going to get a pint?

    'be sure 2 get you'???

    You obviously own a mobile telephone.
  8. Don't underestimate the awesome power that is being able to replace to, too, or two with a 2. God forbid that one should actually write a text message out in full and therefore incur the extra princely sum of 10p for going over the alloted space for one message. I own a mobile and always write words out to the full, though I must admit, on occasion, leaving out punctuation marks here and there. oh the shame :cry:
  9. Good drills, DR. Quite right too/to/two/2. Same here.

    If anyone text messages me in 'text speak', I just delete the message without replying. I care not for knowing such people.

  10. I fucking hate chavs.
  11. i fkn h8 txt spk
    tis fckn sht