hey all, I am new to all this.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by tylerdurdan502, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. I am considering joining the army but not sure who is the best regiment and what would suit my skills. I hold a British passport but not living there for a while yet. I do all the usual research on the www. but get the usual promotional garbage. I like the sound of intelligence as I speak Polish and German, maybe I could be of use in those countries? Could anyone tell me the pros and cons of the intelligence regiment please? I would prefer to be an officer rather than a GI, is there much difference?

  2. Use the search function.
  3. Int corps, not regiment.

    We've been friends viz ze Germans, and ze polish for quite sometime now.
  4. Some pictures of his buttocks would be nice
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  5. thanks guys but that is not what I asked. Sorry what is the difference regiment and corpse
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  6. The only true way to evaluate your question is for you to set yourself on fire and then examine the results, are you a true leader?
  7. "G.I." ? :? Are you a Yank? Surely you mean a Tom.
  8. A corpse tends to be dead. Can I bum you?
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  9. sorry, no offence intended. Can I bum you I think is wrong to say.

    GI is a soldier, so tom is also a soldier?

    an officer is an officer.
  10. Why would I set myself on fire cqms? that is wrong to ask online.
  11. haha donkeey spanker you are funny.

    I know my english is not great but I speak 3 languages, how many do you?
  12. confused but think you are laughing at me. I know civy is a person not in the military but loggie?
  13. *Grabs wasabi peas and beer*
  14. It's my recommendation, if fire frightens you I'm prepared at no charge to you to present alternatives. How shall we proceed?