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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Matt_2085, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. heyup, I'm Matt, 19 from Hull currently studying for my A levels at college (won't bore you all with specifics lol)

    I used the online application form a few days ago, which at the end said that I would be contacted within 10days. Brilliant! But what I'm wondering is what happens next? I've tried searching and can't find any specifics into what actually happens.

    Yeah I'm one of these annoying people that like to know everything before it happens, forewarned is forearmed!

    There are quite a few local TA units here, the one that stands out to me the most is Infantry, if anyone has anything interesting to shed light upon this I would be grateful. (I'll be doing some proper research before I commit to anything, just busy with family right now!)

    Thanks in advance, Matt
  2. We rotate once around the sun every 24 hours or so thats quite interesting and it does shed light on everything.
  3. Join 523 Squadron :)
  4. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    One of the most important things to learn in the TA is "hurry up and wait". Also, 10 days usually means 10 working days - and there are quite a few bank holidays just now. You will get the chance to visit units informally, and that's awell worth doing. If you are likely to move to another town / city after completing A levels, then worth bearing that in mind when selecting which unit to join.
  5. Go down to the Local units (some do open evenings) and find out from the bods there what it is like, then decide which one you think is right. Then on to the joining process -

    Lots of Paperwork, Medical, More paperwork, Attestation, and even more paperwork.

    RSD (Recruit selection day) at your local recruit training center, should consist of -

    -1.5 mile run Best effort (there is much debate on what time you get, When I joined we were given 14 mins, but if you are going infantry you want to be getting sub 10:30)
    - Icebreaker (1 minute talking infront of other recruits and the staff, about yourself)
    - Various tests in the gym (Jerry can walk, heaves, back extension test etc)
    - Some lectures on Pay and Discipline
    - Team tasks (crossing obtsacles using plank of wood, barrels and anything else the staff managed to nick earlier in the day, oh and by the way you will be crossing lava/acid/electrified grass or something similar)

    Then if you pass that and haven't killed yourself because of all the form filling, its off to Phase 1

    Hope that helped :wink:
  6. I'll second what Suited_And_Booted has said. You really need to go to all the TA units that you are interested in and see what they do, what roles are available, what the people are like there. Then make up your mind which one you want to join. Find their numbers and give them a call early next year.
  7. I'm guessing you'll be contacted in 10 days
  8. Or maybe not as everyone is on xmas leave.

    If you're interested in joining the infantry, find out the phone number for your local infantry unit (TA near you website)and phone them (when they come back after crimbo) then go down and see them when they parade.

    Going through an AFCO or a website just delays things.
  9. thanks to all that posted helpful replies!

    I think I'll give em a ring and go direct, thanks for that tip.

    so after this am I right that I should be expecting this:

    Go down and see what it's like
    Recruit selection
    wait for processing
    Phase1 training?

    just wanting to get things clear in my head, thanks again for the help so far; appreciate it!
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Just swap Recruit selection and Wait for processing ;)

    The whole process will be explained by your unit.


  11. More or less yeah , it's a long wait before you start doing the fun stuff.

    You also get attested and get your kit somewhere in there as well, you need to start thinking about if you really want this if you are going infantry, as it's not the most difficult thing in the Army but it is hard at times, and only about 1 in 15 (from interview) people make it into battalion as a trained infantryman, and even then you're a crow who's lower on the food chain than plankton for a while.

    If you can get your head around that, and go in with the attitude that you're not going to jack and invent injuries you'll love it.
  12. Hi Matt. If you want something a bit more cerebral than the infantry then you could do worse than look at the Royal Signals, they have a unit in Hull. so if you want to communicate rather than obliterate give these chaps a call


    I've heard they are quite good.
  13. Cheeky sod!

    Not everyone plays World of Warcraft and paints figurines , some people like doing soldierly stuff. :D
  14. Note

    "from Hull currently studying for my A levels at college"

    I'm simply saying he may want to use his brain, and as for World of warcraft I dont know what you are talking about point dexter.

  15. You could sit about doing the Times crossword or other fantastic word puzzels...because dont have any radio's to play with any more!...going by the amount of whineing that goes on in here :wink:

    Or you could still go for the "bleeps" and get re-roled to Infantry later anyway.... :D

    I luv the Idea that you need to be retarded to be Infantry...

    Ask your self what you want from the TA then go to the Units and see what thay will offer you...
    "beware we will lie through our teeth to get you in" :D