Hey a few questions to use who are in or have been in

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by themessiah, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Right first of am 16 and I herd if you join under 18 you can't leave camp when you join,and if you go and get beved (drunk)you can be thrown out.

    Also if you are 16 and join as a normal infantry soldier with no trade in the army what do you do after basic training. I went on the army sites chatroom army.mod.uk and they just said you will serve as a soldier but they also say you can't go on operations intill your 18.
    So what do you do after basic training just sit around camp ????

    Oh ye and seen as well you live on camp can you still bring some slags back o the camp to get down and freaky with or not?
  2. yeah but no but yeah but no.
    Stay on at school a few years longer and learn how to writ an stuff.
  3. well that was helpful
  4. He wasn't exactly asking the questions for all the right reasons was he? Can I go down town and get drunk at 16? Can I bring girls back to get freaky????

    Not the types of questions one would ask if they were serious about a career in the British Army I would suggest.
  5. this is the British Army, not the Little Britain Army. Have you tried the salvation army. If you drink there, they wont throw you out, you'll just be buggered for all eternity and punnished by god
  6. and whats wrong with geting beved on your days off,my dad said thats what all there money went on when he was there(and no he aint an alcoholic)
    and I was only thinking about doing the min years 5 isnt it.

    yeh good one ******** when you spelt write wrong
    F*uc*king mong

    Oh another question can you pic who you share rooms with after basic training,am thinking not but who knows
  7. I like this kid. He's got spunk.

    He's gonna have loads more of it dripping out of his backbox, if he turns up to basic with an attitude like this. :D
  8. I smell a "Waaahhhh"
  9. Oh come on cant you just answer my questions please?
    and why would the stuff I said bother other soliders as long as am healthy and can do my job?

    Ok just scrap the ale and slag question then just tell me what do you do after basic traning please?
  10. Oh dear, I can see the attraction of booze n birds you're after fella but I think you may need a remedial course in sarcasm in order to survive your five years.
  11. Did you mean spelled? :roll:
  12. [​IMG]

    Buy a book.
  13. that was a bit of sarcasm my son, but you dont get the irony.....................................

    ........................then again you plobly get your mum to do your washing and irony.

    coff coff.
  14. whats with all the flames???????????
    Just answer my questions please
  15. Re-register, take a deap breath and apply a bit of common sense before you post.
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