Hexi or gas

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jase2472, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. just a quick one Hexi or gas if gas what the best cooker
  2. Hexi is free

    Gas is quicker

    Both can be got through the QM chain apparently
  3. i still get slated after 16 years of hexi
  4. Whatever you do don't waste money on that Greenheat gel

    Its shite
  5. Gas every time, MSR Pocket Rocket, (about £30), have seen a system called Jetboil in action,pricier at about £50 ,but what performance, boils a litre of water in about 2 mins
  6. where do i get one of the pocket rockets from buddy
  7. hexi you cant chew gas if you get hungry
  8. Any decent outdoors shop, you get 15% discount at cotswold or field and trek if you show a MOD 90
    Seen the jet boil at cotswold and blacks as well
  9. MSR pocket rockets all the way, john bull sells them, Genuine army surplus in darlington, kitt pongo and the hogg man in darlington all about 30 pound mate, no weight in them,dead handy and quick.
  10. Whem i'm vehicle bourne (ie weight, space and more importantly resupply isn't so much of an issue) I use a MSR Whisperlite stove which burns virtually any fuel including diesel!!

    It just so happens that the army supply diesel and kero which is convenient.

    Not the cheapest stove ever but I love it. Its ideal for overseas civvie stuff as well as no matter where in the world you might be you are bound to be able to get some form of fuel for it.
  11. sounds good .....even diesel?.......now that is good....how much we talkin for the stove in question?
  12. I paid 70 Canadian Dollars in 1998 so not to sure what they fetch now - Google or Ebay perhaps?

    They do burn diesel but be warned they do need cleaning much more often. However, to clean it is just a matter of shaking them.
  13. Jetboiler
  14. ive seen these .....wondered if it was just a cheap experiment , but then ive heard reports there actual practical, what gas do they burn?, how much water can they hold?, can u get a boilly in them?
  15. MSR whisperlite is a great piece of kit, it's about as tactical as a loud smelly noisy thing however (don't be deceived by the name). Difficult to travel with too.